Join the Poster/Sticker Campaign!


If you would like to spread the word, here are six flyers:
  1. Why won't God heal amputees?
  2. God is imaginary
  3. Your God is imaginary
  4. Christians! Look up these Bible verses!
  5. Cancer patients
  6. Scientific evidence
Print them on white or colored paper and post:
  • On bulletin boards
  • In restroom stalls
  • Around college campuses
  • On phone poles
  • Along any city street
  • In the break room
  • In a subway station
  • Etc.
Please post stickers and posters responsibly.


Here are two sets of stickers. You can print this PDF file either on paper or on Avery 2" x 4" sticker stock (Avery product number 5978 is typical):
  1. Why won't God heal amputees?

  2. God is imaginary
Sticker alignment can be fickle. Print a test sheet on normal paper and check for alignment before printing on sticker stock.

If you print these files out on normal or colored paper and cut them up, each piece of paper yields 10 "cards". Leave small stacks of the cards on tables and counters where people gather: coffee shops, student lounges, break rooms, conference rooms, waiting rooms, restrooms, airport terminals, libraries, beauty shops, convenience stores, amusement parks, malls, etc.

Please post stickers and posters responsibly.

If you have other ideas for posters, new designs for posters or other marketing ideas, please see the contact page and send them in!

by Marshall Brain

New York Times Coverage
discussed in a
New York Times piece
by N. D. Kristof.
For a counter-point to Mr. Kristof, please see
Chapter 26.

Recommendation by Sam Harris
Sam Harris recommends WWGHA in his book Letter to a Christian Nation.

Endorsement by Richard Dawkins
In a New York Times Letter, Richard Dawkins calls WWGHA a "splendid Web site."

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