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God, in his amazing wisdom and mercy has created a program whereby his blessings, guidance, understanding can be achieved without qualifying in any academic way. 

I make no self qualification claims of authority personally.  So in as simple of terms as i can think of, I make no claims of being qualified, nor am I required to be qualified academically. 

An academic answer is what you seek because you think that should be required.  It's not. 

Wayne, do you know what circular reasoning is? Because you keep trying to use it here, over and over. You keep saying "God" this or "amazing blessing" that, and then when asked how you know your interpretation is "God" you ultimately wind up appealing to something which you derived from the bible (your first assumption that precedes all of this). It's a vicious circle. Again, you are being irrational and trying to justify it, rationalize it, and SPIN it so that it doesn't sound invalid, when in fact it is. Case in point, we asked why you trust the biblical authors and you answered, "Faith I guess." But why do you need faith? That idea ASSUMES your bible!

Now, your second irrational (logically invalid) argument above comes in the form of a Straw Man. I did NOT say that you need some "academic" qualification. I asked you what qualification you have AT ALL in order to be able to rightly make a conclusive determination that your interpretation of said facts is, in fact, accurate. Simply being a human being, or assuming your deity in advance ("My God gives it to me") is circular - and tried by nearly every other religion on the planet. I asked you earlier if you had explored (not just thought about but explored) ANY other possible interpretations of your claimed/alleged "miracle" stories. You dodged the question, didn't answer it, and then just started saying things to the effect of "I'm not going to be able to satisfy your questions."

This whole thing comes down to a question I asked you earlier, that is, do you actually care whether or not your beliefs are true?? With the assumptions you have made, and the irrational arguments you keep making in order to try and justify those assumptions (confirmation biases) it certainly does not seem, at all, like you actually care (Where is your critical thinking?). Your arguments/actions are quite indistinguishable from those of other superstitious religious people who were taught their religion from a young age, and now want to defend it.

I have to return to the question this thread asks.... To validate my belief in God.  It cannot be validated academically. 
I'm not seeking to validate it academically.
If I had the chops to do so I would, but it's not worth the time if I would not gain anything from the persuit.

Now you are contradicting yourself again! You said early on in this discussion (or at least you acted like) you COULD in fact validate your belief in "God" (i.e. - with solid evidence and sound reasoning) about why God won't heal amputees. But you didn't give us any evidence. All you gave was your personal subjective interpretation of your alleged miraculous experiences (which were never tested, are not falsifiable, and are quite open to counter-interpretation). Evidence would be a video of you praying for a dead man (dead for 3+ days) and having the man rise, moving a mountain, or drinking snake poison and not dying (as Jesus supposedly said you WOULD do!). Read your bible Wayne (Mark 16 etc). These alleged miracles you keep citing are NOT AT ALL what your bible speaks of. You need GREATER miracles than Jesus, not LESSER ones.

The shear volume of your questioning is going to put me in a position where I'm going to dissapoint you because I can't type fast enough or diagram your sentences enough to answer, let alone understand what would satisfy you.  I'd love to try though, just can't.  Try to reduce the questions to maybe two or three in a post  each separated by a paragraph.  Compounded questions like this one:

I know your answers are going to disappoint me, because I used to try the same fallacious reasoning (and confirmation bias) that you are trying here. But you ought to be really disappointed in yourself! That is to say, your own credulity and willingness to slant all evidences in the direction that suits your presuppositions should cause you to be disappointed in yourself enough to withhold making judgments about these occurrences until further study and critical examination has been done. You are practicing intellectual dishonesty b/c you don't live your life this credulously (with a salesman at the door, or nearly anything else - except your faith).

The question remains - Why are you trusting "faith" instead of evidence and good reasoning?

Would you accept the claims of other religions...on faith, like you did with the bible? It's surprising how you can't see that you are abandoning critical thinking here, and doing so quite hypocritically.

I can't diagram it in my mind, sorry.

So you have a belief, which you assumed was true from childhood (one that you are always looking to confirm), which you believe based on an "I guess...", and which you can't articulate or "diagram" in your mind - and this is a belief which you base your ENTIRE life upon? Wayne, can you not see how utterly irrational (and self contradictory) you are being?? If you have a belief that you can't articulate, is based on an assumption (an "I guess" from childhood), and have never allowed critical examination to take place then you have an IRRATIONAL BELIEF! Further, if you have this belief but can't articulate it, then how is it a belief at all?!

Wayne, how is this any different from superstition?

Trying to insulate your belief system from any critical examination is extremely dishonest. Can you not see that?
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