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Ok. This is going to be a walk in the park... Since u skeptics always like to answer theists by asking more questions, I shall do the same on this thread. All these questions are from me. Imagine if I had access to all the good questions, made over the years by all the intelligent theists out there... lolz... u get the point...

Let's begin shall we?...

1º Why are monkeys still here?

2º Why is the universe so complex?

3º Why women?

4º Why the necessity for food?

5º Why is there right from wrong/good from evil?

6º Why emotions & consciousness/why didn't we remain like the animals(unable to choose right from wrong)?

7º Why ability to reproduce?

8º Why is there only one habitable planet?

9º Why does sex feel so good?

10º Why are the opposite sexes attracted to each other?

11º Why do we have dominion over the animals?

12º How do you explain Polonium 218?

13º Why life/why didn't we remain atoms or rocks or whatever...?

14º Why has macro-evilution never been observed in human history?

15º Why is the oldest tree only 4000 years old(coinciding with the flood)?

16º Where are all the transitional fossils from the millions & billions & gazillions of animals & humans that were supposedly evolving over millions & billions & gazillions of years?

17º Why can no example be given for a single genetic mutation or an evolutionary process which can be seen to increase the beneficial information in the genome?

18º Can someone document just one 100% verifiable transitionary fossil that proves that one species actually changed into another completely different species?

19º What about the population problem with evilution?

20º How did new biochemical pathways(which involve multiple enzymes working together in sequence) originate?

21º How do you explain the Fibonacci sequence/the number "e" & the number Pi?

22º Why do all humans, at least once in their life, wonder about a supreme being?

&... BAM! Poor little skeptics... I am so very sorry for this. I didn't want to create this thread, lest I should embarass you. But hey! u should have thought about that beforehand. Ever heard the saying : "be careful what u wish for?" haha

& last but not least, here's a 47 second video you all should enjoy...

PS : I, & only I, will decide on the validity of each person's answer. I wasn't going to create this thread but since someone clearly wanted to be embarassed, I shall create this same thread on the other 2 forums. I have a feeling this thread will remain at the top of the list for a looong time... I'll understand, if from now on, all the heathens of this forum hate me. &)

Have a good one skeptics 8)

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