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Do you have any evidence that is not hearsay?

Yes, In a book. Which i'm sure you'll say its a lie. Even when books are the most accurate indicators of history. We got all our history from books and writings.

I'm surprised nobody caught this. Jake, this is false. We learn a lot from reading history books, but the book itself is not the source of that knowledge, it is merely the vessel by which that knowledge is imparted. The knowledge in the book is obtained by study, research, observation, examining artifacts, etc. This is the source of knowledge, not the book itself. If the contents of the book are suspect, others can independently conduct their own research and studies which will either support or disprove it.

We know Julius Caesar existed because there are coins and statues depicting him that were made during his lifetime, which all resemble the same man. We can read his own writings, which accurately describe and correspond to verified events taking place at the same place and time. In addition to works by his own hand, we can read from other prominent authors, philosophers, magistrates, and socialites from the same period discussing Caesar. We can examine Roman military records, as well as the history of the nations he engaged in battle with, describing strategy, victories, and defeats, as well as his rise in power with new coins being minted to commemmorate his new ranks and titles. These coins still exist and can be demonstrated to have been in circulation at the time Caesar lived. We can study the Roman census records which contain the dates of his marriages, deaths of his wives, births of his children. He had a large family with a well-documented lineage.

There is a mountain of evidence to support the existance of Julius Caesar, but there is no such evidence for Jesus. Zero, none at all. Nothing he wrote survives. There are no statues, paintings, or coins bearing his likeness created during his lifetime. There are no government records mentioning him, his parents, or any of his family. He was a carpenter, yet not one table, desk, chair, or bookcase bearing his mark can be found in the world today. Most importantly, nobody living at the same time wrote about him. The gospels were all written long after the time he is claimed to have lived. The son of God, performing so many miracles that, were every one of them to be written, the world itself could not contain the books that would be written (John 21:25), rising others and himself from the dead (John 11:1-46), and yet nobody thought any of this was important enough to write down during his lifetime? Nobody thought to immortalize the likeness of Jesus in stone?

The bible is not based on any evidence, it is simply a work of fiction. The existance of the historical figure of Jesus does not stand up to the slightest bit of scrutiny, and is almost certainly a myth.

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