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^^ My father was a mortgage slave.
How about you?
What precisely do you mean by a mortgage slave?

According to the theory of evolution, aren't both of those come from the same ancestor?
So according to your logic who believes in evolution, what makes us humans more special than animals?

Again, with your logic, what is the difference between keeping a monkey as your pet vs keeping another human as a slave.

Or slaughtering a cow for some good steak vs killing another man for money.  :police:
You know what the real problem here is?  You're mistaking a scientific theory for a moral code.  Evolution doesn't suggest that humans are more special than animals, that it's alright to keep a monkey as a pet or a human as a slave, or that it's alright to kill a cow for its meat versus killing a human for their money.  Evolution only states "that which survives, reproduces".  An organism that has a survival advantage will be more likely to survive long enough to reproduce than one which lacks that advantage.

And that's all that evolution means.  It isn't a moral code; evolution doesn't justify behaviors.  It simply explains why they might have come about.  It doesn't say the first thing about whether one behavior is better than another, except in the single context of "does the behavior make this organism more likely to survive so that it can reproduce and pass on its genes?".

You would do better to ask Anfauglir what the moral basis of his statement was than to ask how evolution justifies behaviors.
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