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Right, you seem rather bossy for a forum. I asked you nicely to show me that your god existed and so far you haven't done that. That is what we need first. When we have covered that, we will move on to conciousness if you like but let's stick to one topic at a time.

Now, if we all have to subscribe to your religion and follow its practices to 'discover' your god, I would certainly suspect it is more a case of learning that what our subconscious mind normally tells us is from your god and not just from the subconscious mind. However, does your god have any existence outwith people's minds?

is this dry talking is your scientific knowledge ?

im still waiting for your scientific explanation on these points and now if you will not define anything at all then i will say it is an fools paradise.

you are all Fools No.`1 “A fool is accepted by another fool."

For Example :-" fool’s paradise."All of you are fools and you have created your own paradise. Do you know that story?

One was drinking, so his friend said, ‘Oh, you are drinking, you’ll go to hell.’
“‘No, why? My father drinks.’
“‘Well, he’ll also go to hell.’
“‘Oh, my brother drinks.’
“‘So he’ll also go to hell.’
“’My mother…’ In this way, the whole list was passed. Then he said, ‘Everyone will go to hell then where is hell? It is paradise! If father is going, then mother is going, then I am going, then brother is going, then where is hell?’
“It is like that. There’s no question of fool. If everyone, all of us are fool, then where is the question of intelligent? ‘Hey, we are intelligent.’ This is your conclusion.
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