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Alot of you may already know this but it was news to me.  At the FreeOk event this weekend we had a virologist speak about how they create vaccines using evolution.

Essentially they take the virus and put it in a chicken egg for example.  Well the virus isn't good at multiplying inside of a chicken egg so it doesn't have many offspring.  The scientist then takes the surviving offspring and puts them in another chicken egg and it may have a more offspring then its parents.  They continue to do this until the descendents have evolved the ability to favor reproducing inside of chicken eggs and create lots of virus offspring.  They then take the evolved virus and inject it into a human as a vaccine.  Since the virus now likes to reproduce in chicken eggs, it no longer is able to reproduce well inside of a human.  Therefore your body is able to kill it quickly and learn how to fight that type of virus.

Anyway, I know you guys already have plenty of proofs but I thought that was a pretty relevant one for seeing evolution in action.  I think if more creationists heard that, they may think twice at least about what evolution is. So hopefully this helps if anyone here needs more examples of proof.

Yes I am sure plenty of them would say well ya that's micro evolution not macro so there!  &)

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