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Nope never suggested that. That is the means by which humans have helped the evolution of dogs. The example was not to imply a process by which a higher being does things, only to suggest that evolution is sped up by intelligent intervention. Please don't try to extrapolate claims, It forces me to answer arguments I never made.

Evolution is sped up by selective pressures.  These can be imposed by an intelligent being, or not.  But selective pressures are the key here.  Humans have impose selective pressures on domestic animal populations in a very controlled manner.  Whatever the mechanism, another intelligence would have to do the same - that is, impose selection pressures - in order to speed up evolution.  To tamper more directly is genetic engineering, not evolution.  We've done that, too, only more recently.

Ah but in terms of evolution the opposite is true(especially in my own experience). At face value evolution makes allot of sense, however the more you learn about it and its shortcomings, the more things you have to ignore to continue to accept it as fact.

That's not been my experience, as a geologist.  Where does that leave us?  Let me guess:  With an appeal to my inescapable bias as an atheist.

The only way to do that is to research evolution on the base assumption that it is true, and with that assumption you will always conform your suspicions. If your a theist or an atheist if you look at evolution from the perspective of "why should I believe that" you will find it hard to say that it is a suitable explanation.

And this is patently untrue.
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