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I've only seen bunnies and miami dolphins in the clouds.  The faces usually jump out when I'm alone. Rarely if other people are around.

Ok, I will let the 'faces only when alone' thing go, although I'm pretty sure that's not true for many of us even though it may be true for you. However, you still left both of my points unanswered.

Like I've mentioned, Pareidolia is a universal human phenomenon, regardless of whether it's faces or bunnies and dolphins (yes, seeing bunnies and dolphins when there are none is still Pareidolia).

With this in mind, let's go back to what you've said:
1. You said that all these universal tendencies are there to fill "a universal natural need that is not naturally filled by society".
2. You believe that Pareidolia provides "fellowship and human intimacy".

So, I have these two questions for you:
1. Given the fact that seeing bunnies and dolphins is also part of the Pareidolia phenomenon, how does that provide 'fellowship and human intimacy'?
2. Let's pretend that for a moment that indeed Pareidolia is there for the sole purpose of 'providing fellowship and human intimacy'... Are you saying that one can't satisfy these experiences through the everyday contact with other humans, except when one experiences the Pareidolia phenomenon?

Pray explain these for us  ;)

Sure.  I see bunnies when with others reclining on a hiltop under a shady tree in summer.

I only see faces when on opiate medication or alone with no other people around.
Those facts fit my theory on companionship fine.
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