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God is interested in all humans being with Him.  Keeping all humans alive
for eternity on earth is the priority of healthcare workers alone.  God does not keep the same priorities.

Children are much more adaptable to new environments than cranky old people so if God takes children
out of this world, it's better for them than us adults.

Yes, God loves his children no matter what they do.  God forgives every sin except for rejection of the Holy Spirit.
Those who reject the Holy Spirit end up without.   Being without God on earth is one thing.  Being without God
AND not having "the world" is Hell.   How would God provide a good situation for non-believers?

Should God visit with those who reject him?   How would that benefit them?  They would hate it.
For God to bring those who reject Him into heaven.....well.....would that be like Hell ...or worse? 

Worse than Hell......Is that what you want for those who reject God?  Isn't Hell lonely enough without
a deity you don't trust hanging around?


My spell check says I should have separated heath and care.
Grammar check turns up nothing.
Perhaps you didn't like the content.
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