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One more point on your oversimplification.

Let me over simplify the whole thing. 
(Job 1:10) says: "Should we accept only good from God and not accept evil?"   

First of all, your reference is wrong.  Job 1:10 is satan talking yhwh into breaking his covenant. The verse you quote is Job 2:10

"Not accept evil"?  What the heck?  Why would yhwh be sending evil to us?  In some bibles this is translated as “trouble” or “hard times”.  But it’s not that.  It is Evil with a capital E. The Hebrew word is “ra’”.  It is the same word used in Gen 2:9 when referring to the Tree of Knowlede of Good and Evil.  And in Gen 6:5 when referring to the evil in the minds of men that provoked the Great Flood. And again in Sodom. So this explicitly says, confirms actually, that yhwh is a god that commits evil acts. 

But wait a second!  I thought yhwh was good?  Not just good, but Good, with a capital G.  So why evil?  Well, it turns out yhwh is a complicated guy.  He isn't pure Good.  He is also Evil. He says so himself, which is why I said “confirmed” above. In Isaiah 45:7 he says “I created Good and Evil”.  Yhwh is not a strictly good god, contrary to everything xians (and others) say about him. 

You see, in theology there is something called The Problem of Evil (or Suffering), also called Theodicy.  The question is, if God is good, omnipotent and omniscient, how can there be suffering?  The fact of suffering negates at least one of those supposed traits of a god.

People look to religion to make sense of a universe that is uncaring and seems cruel and capricious.  When bad things happen people often wonder “why?”  The bible gives a number of other reasons:
Your suffering is a natural outcome of your own sin.
Your suffering is caused by other people's sin.
Your suffering is yhwh’s punishment for your sins.
Your suffering is redemptive, or has a positive benefit

These are the pat answers we get from theologians, priests and other sorcerers.  We heard them all after Sandy Hook.   

Job is another attempt to explain suffering in the bible.   But in Job it gives a non-answer.  It just says “who the hell knows?  Now stop complaining.”  (Job 38:1 on) In Job, yhwh is as opaque and uncaring as nature.  In the end yhwh chastises Job, essentially saying “I’m yhwh and you’re not.  So you are going to take what I give you and like it.  Now, shut the fuck up.”  It really gives no answer.

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