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How come the details were lost in translation, but not the bullshit? One would think all sorts of problems would arise when something that influential is mistranslated. But when the crap comes through loud and clear in every verse, I'm pretty sure the issue isn't translation, but the lack of thought that originally went into that tall tale.

We have no contemporary stories from this god guy. We do have church buses with dead people in them, religious wars with dead people in them, right-wing politicians who wish there were other things with dead people in them, and tv evangelists who want all your money after your dead, and most of it before that. We don't have an active deity involving himself in the personal lives of even his most loyal servants, let alone drowning armies chasing his chosen people. We don't have a new group of half a million wandering around in a desert anywhere, all lost and shit. Most of our plagues are being cured by medical pros, most of our floods are manageable and none of the folks we've executed as of late have come back to haunt us. So it sure is sounding like a story that was made up from the get go. So again, translations are irrelevant. If nothing is true about any of it, the details are of no importance.
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