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Given that all known laws of science dictate that energy dissipates, and my dinner confirms it, how does an atomic explosion get bottled into a few grass of mass in the first place?

No, not all known laws of science dictate that. The Second Law of Thermodynamics mentions it, but the Theory of Gravity doesn't, the Theory of Plate Techtonics doesn't. You're trying to grandstand here.

Secondly, you don't understand the theory behind energy dissipating anyway, so you're agog that anything exists because we're all supposed to be gone now. You don't seem to understand that the time frame for large amounts of energy dissipating away is measured in billions of years, not your lifetime. Nor are you taking into consideration that energy can get turned into mass (most of the mass of any given tree or other plant came from the conversion of sunlight into matter), or that mass and energy trade places all the time. One of the reasons we cannot create a perfect vacuum is because inside the space we are trying to vacate energy passing through the vessel is turning into matter all the time. There is no such thing as empty space. Once there is a difference in potential between any two points, energy exists. And where there is energy, there is soon matter as well.

The earth does indeed have energy dissipating, but we also have a nearby star that floods our planet with energy every single day. One single square mile of land gets hit with 12 trillion watt hours of energy every year. And our sweet little planet has lots of square miles of land. And square miles of water, which get hit the same way. So the earth gets a net gain off energy and will for as long as life can exist on it. Granted, at some point the sun is going to get ugly on us and all these nice things will go away, but in the meantime, those of us who have not yet had the pleasure of drowning will get a constant supply with which to maintain our energy levels, natural and otherwise.

Science is indeed incredible. But it's not your job to read one fact and extrapolate it to mean everything else is impossible without a god.
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