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That is religious stuff.  There is nothing out there better than what we have here. 
It's the religion of space exploration.  The worship of the cosmos.  Havng faith that all
our answers are out there.  Faith that out there is wealth, and peace, and health.
That space has the answer to our origins, the answer to life.   Out there is our salvation.

One cannot compare curiosity (space study/exploration) with religion. Well, one can, but one would be wrong.

The difference is simple. Wanting to know things leads not only to new knowledge, but to interesting stuff. If you've flown on an airplane, the very effective de-icing system for the wings? NASA did that. Do you have an LED flashlight? NASA was on the forefront of researching those bulbs. Know anyone with a cochclear implant? That's space technology in action. Been ripped off because you bought one of those cheap memory foam mattresses? Thank NASA research.

While I understand that you would prefer that people just sit on their asses and read the bible, those of us not inclined to do so occasionally go out and do things. Like learn stuff. And invent stuff. And whether it is the computer screen you are reading this reply on, or the Internet connections that make it possible, someone without a giant picture of a white jesus on their wall created it. And keep in mind that your dark ages mentality does not make for a viable culture. Unless we find that burning people at the stake reduces global warming.

Nobody, as in not a single frickin' one, is into space exploration and astronomy because they are under the illusion that they will find all the answers. Nobody is running around out in space with the ultimate goal of proving that there is no god. Nobody is building devices to shoot out into space to puncture holes in your grand little illusions. We all have better things to do (if you don't include hobbies, like participation in this web site.)

It would be wise for you to avoid taking your mentality (worship-based god stuff) and extroplate it to show that all people, even those who disagree with you, worship something. We don't. We've found that appreciation, discovery, usefulness and rationality will carry us further and go much further. Such things are consistent with our real goal: preventing ignorance.

You don't like rockets and telescopes? Fine. Just make sure you're doing it for the right reasons, not the ones you've made up. Even though that is the modus operandi of all believers.

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