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I get it now, it was all a misunderstanding, based on bad bible translations! Oh! Wonder why the most important book ever had to be written in obscure dead languages? God knew that most people would not be able to read ancient Greek in 2013, and just let it go. So most people don't get the right information and have go to hell. Sucks to be them. Not god's problem.

Nowadays with cameras on every cell phone, you would think god would want to show his stuff even more! Imagine how awesome it would be to see people rising from the dead, growing new limbs and being healed from dementia in real time right on CNN. No need to worry about bad translations. Everyone believes and heaven is chock-a-block with new saved souls. But no. God can't be bothered-- he used up all his miracles with the Jesus.

Funny how god decided to stop performing obvious miracles right about the same time that people started using critical thinking and the scientific method.  I imagine god is hecka bored, sitting around in heaven thinking about all the good old days back when he was a bad mamajama. Like an old washed-up mafia don--

"In my day I used to smite people if they didn't worship me. I mean really smite 'em! Like with lightning and sh!t.  I once made it rain frogs-- remember that time I made it rain frogs?  Shee-it. Sometimes I smote 'em just for snicks. Even my most faithful servant could get his a$$ kicked six ways from Sunday. Plagues and boils and whatnot. Jesus Christ, those were good times."

Since god no longer does anything, what is he for?  :?
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