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As much as I am likely to regret this statement......

Could you guys kinda like.... stop the bullshit? (please?)  I don't care who started it and why, but the trying to be the one who gets the last word/barb bullshit feels very jr. high to me.

...you should regret that statement, what fucking right have you to expect this forum to relate to itself at any level higher than jr high?

it's short termers like you with aspirations to adult pretension that totally destroy the wonderful frisson one can garner just by witnessing the willingness for the forum children to lower themselves even further.  Fuck knows why the catholic church maintains the theological speculation of "limbo" when proof of its existence can be witnessed here often.

and as far as the OP's assertion that this forum is tough on newcomers  what a stupid whining "look at me look at me I'm a fragile flower with acceptance issues, but most importantly look at me" piece of whimper.

This forum is not hard on newcomers, it's hard on fuckwits.

and of course, I could be just bluing for the fun of it.

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