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My point is the following :
Finding a miracle proves the existence of God outside our Body until proven otherwise.
It is not possible to be sane and believe that at the same time.

A: "How does this work?"
B: "ABC and then DEF."
LUK: "God did it."

100 years later.

A: "How does this work?"
B: "ABD and then HIJ."
LUK: "God did it."

100 years later.

A: "How does this work?"
B: "We know for certain: ABD and then HIJ."
LUK: "OK, God didn't do it, it was HIJ"

This, Luk, is "the god of the gaps" -> "If we do not know the answer, it is God."

This means that you worship ignorance -> God is an excuse for everything that we do not understand.

But the remarkable thing is that the Hindu does not think it is your god at all - he knows it is his god.

Your god does not exist, and, no, that is not opinion, it is the only reliable conclusion and that must remain the case until you show otherwise. But, Luk, the problem is that every day, you show that your god is not there.

You pray.  Let us say your good friend boards an aircraft that later is reported to have crashed. You may pray for his well-being. But you only do that because you are ignorant of his condition: Is he alive or dead?

Once you know the outcome, you no longer pray. Why? If he is dead, can you not pray to make him alive again? If he has lost a leg, can you not pray for the leg to regrow overnight?

See, if you know the answer, there's no point to god: once you know how something works, there is no need for god. So why was there a need for a god to start with?

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