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In my opinion, it's very unfair to a child to assign him for adoption by a homosexual couple. He will be exposed to deviant behavior and learn it. He will be laughed at by others at school. I am very sorry for such children.

There are so many assumptions in this paragraph it staggered me!

First point - I'll read "deviant behaviour" as "non-standard hetero behaviour", which I think is what was meant.

Second point: you are saying that children parented by a homosexual couple will learn that behaviour as normal.  Is homosexual behaviour somehow MORE appealing that heterosexual?  Because if not, the converse of your argument is that children parented by hetero parents will learn THAT behavious as normal - so where have little gays come from?  They can't ALL be from homosexual parents, surely?

Third point: "he will be laughed at by others at school".  Maybe he will.  But is that not because of the attitude instilled in those other children by parents such as you?  Parents who will use the term "deviant behaviour" and claim that they mean ONLY "different from the norm", despite the colossal baggage that comes with the word?  If children are laughed at because of something outside of their control, who is in the wrong?  The child, or those who have been taught to laugh at him?

And I'll close with my general point.  Given that for the last few hundred years we have been primarily in a hetero-parent society, it would not surprise me in the slightest if people raised by non-hetero parents found it harder than normal to fit in with that society.  But that does not mean that the society is correct, any more than it means the society is wrong.  What it means is that - unsurprisingly - someone raised in a particular environment will tend to do better when living in that environment. 

The real question should, perhaps, be "is our society the best one possible"?  And I would venture to suggest that a society where two humans who love each other and are not judged or considered "deviant" by any other human would be the best society there could be.  Where children are not taught to laugh at other children for things they have no control over - you know, the way we tell them not to laugh at people with learning difficulties, or the colour of their skin.

Fortunately, we DO appear to be moving slowly towards that kind of society.  I'm wondering whether you approve, or disaprove, of such a society as I refer to above - and if so why?
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