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Hey guys, whats up? It seems you are all angry at God. (unintelligent statement you say)

No one here is angry at god, simply because it's impossible to be angry at something that doesn't exist.


If your version of god does exist, he has earned our anger and you should be ashamed for making excuses for your god by saying he's all loving. If you god is real and does have all the qualities theists claim it does it is clear than theists haven't actually examined their god's 'handywork' too closely.

For example, your god's love in action:

So, what do you have to say for your god now? Is that child's position the act of a loving god? Does that child, even it is has somehow sinned in your god's eye to be in that position, does he deserve to be in that position, while us atheists are in a better position? Or, if it is because that child doesn't worship your god (whether because her has not heard of your god, or worships some other god), why doesn't your god do something miraclous that would make people believe in it, if it would end suffering because they don't believe it it/never heard of it? Why doesn't your god dish out punishments accordingly? For example: atheists have far better lives than that of starving children.

So if your god is real he deserves everyone's hate towards him.

I mean, if your god is all loving then he'f create clean drinking water for that kid's village, and create the soil to be able to grow crops. Yet in Genesis your god claims that everything in his creation is 'Good'[1]

If the situation that kid is in is 'good', then your god has very poor standards.

Your god is all powerful, so he can give the children what they need so they don't suffer.
Your god is all loving, so he should want too.
Your god is all knowing, so he'd know when he created the heavens and the earth that civilization would form where the starving children are, so he'd do something at the time of creation to prevent that crisis the children are in now.

So, if your god is real he deserves the hatred he is receiving and deserves no worship.

 1. Genesis 1:31
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