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Oh boy!  The profanities, the threats of destroying ones own personal property, the embarrassment of having been trumped by Wayne's well articulated analysis of the character and obfuscations of free lance criminal defense attorneys. 
It's like a bomb went off!
Stay tuned. 
See what happens next.
I can't thank you enough parking places for offering up an even better video than the one I posted here:.

You see, the problem with screwtape is that he can't watch videos, and other kinds of information hidden in links and so has to articulate his blazing attacks on me without really knowing how substantial my argument is.  That has always, from the very beginning of this thread been the problem.

I think we should put this discussion to bed.  I need not articulate answers to the minutia brought about by the criminal defense councel when my argument was already made by solid Fox News reporting.  As always, my arguments are never quite as good as my proof.

Don't forget to watch the original video that opened up the
 OJ Simpson Freelance Star Defense  School of Law
campus right here at WWGHA ....Just click >   here:

No worries, the week off was quite refreshing actually.
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