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However you define "boys" and "men", take all of "them" from puberty on up. Do you agree with my claim?

Boys, yes. Men, no. What did I say in my edit #1 of my previous post? Men do not want to have sex more often than women. That's one of the things that separates them from the boys. My definitions are based on psychology and not physiology, and as such, they cannot be wrong.

EDIT: If you want evidence, you need only to look at my karma history in this thread. You and HAL are the only ones who gave me -1's. I received four +1's in this thread and two (IIRC) -1's. You'd think that men would know their gender, and that women would know the gender they're dating, right? Hell, Timtheskeptic is bisexual (so am I, by the way), so he has both of those working for him.

If you want to challenge my assertions, the only one you can challenge is the "males" one. So get some evidence and challenge it, accept that I'm right, or take my offer and agree to disagree.
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