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lotanddaughters (+85/-26) OldChurchGuy (+153/-3) Last little counter-punch makes thread more enjoyable. PopcornIn topic Today at 08:12:58 AM
lotanddaughters (+85/-26) Defiance (+61/-5) Last paragraph is fresh and destroys "going thru the motions".In topic Today at 08:10:28 AM
lotanddaughters (+85/-26) Apriori Arkhai (+2/-0) Clarke wasn't a fool who relied on stupid FAITH. Hee hee heee.In topic Today at 07:49:10 AM
lotanddaughters (+85/-26) jdawg70 (+616/-9) "Bow down at the feet of the stupid LIE." Hee hee heeeeeeeeee.In topic Today at 07:10:44 AM
lotanddaughters (+85/-26) Graybeard (+679/-23) Lies used to control the masses. Hee hee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.In topic Today at 07:09:17 AM
lotanddaughters (+85/-26) DVZ3 (+69/-11) Their belief stops where money starts. Hee hee heeeeeeeeeeeee.In topic Today at 06:41:11 AM
lotanddaughters (+85/-26) Apriori Arkhai (+2/-0) Stupid on all fronts. Hee hee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.In topic Today at 06:37:12 AM
lotanddaughters (+85/-26) Nam (+503/-120) If you question the pope, might as well question it all. Hee.In topic Today at 04:34:48 AM
lotanddaughters (+85/-26) YRM_DM (+192/-2) "...John 3:16 with a photo of yourself in a rainbow wig..."In topic Today at 04:25:26 AM
Jag (+267/-7) Add Homonym (+271/-4) When you say it like that...!In topic Today at 12:18:30 AM

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