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flapdoodle64 (+47/-1) Timo (+91/-0) yes, Gospels are sketchy, contradictory, 2nd/3rd hand at bestIn topic Today at 10:41:24 AM
One Above All (+266/-34) frank callaway (+0/-2) I am not your brother.In topic Today at 10:24:31 AM
lotanddaughters (+48/-20) Graybeard (+467/-16) The author(s) of Job knew all along that YHWH was Catholic.In topic Today at 08:40:03 AM
Jag (+174/-6) Ataraxia (+69/-0) good point that's often overlookedIn topic Today at 07:19:43 AM
lotanddaughters (+48/-20) skeptic54768 (+43/-406) That's a way to have a conversation.In topic Today at 07:01:16 AM
median (+192/-15) Lukvance (+11/-159) You circular reasoning is fallacious. Therefore, you fail. In topic Yesterday at 09:16:41 PM
median (+192/-15) Graybeard (+467/-16) Very good stuff here. In topic Yesterday at 09:14:05 PM
12 Monkeys (+97/-11) Lukvance (+11/-159) The king of the dodge calling someone out un-freakin-believablIn topic Yesterday at 09:06:26 PM
Defiance (+21/-1) skeptic54768 (+43/-406) Praise Jeebus. Glad to know you're making progress.In topic Yesterday at 08:48:10 PM
jynnan tonnix (+81/-1) Timo (+91/-0) good catch. good point.In topic Yesterday at 05:55:33 PM

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