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Emma286 (+57/-1) junebug72 (+231/-107) Thanks for your thoughts and advice Junebug much appreciatedIn PM Today at 12:43:02 PM
The Gawd (+131/-6) Graybeard (+855/-28) 'preciate itIn topic Today at 12:36:48 PM
Emma286 (+57/-1) One Above All (+516/-53) Yup cheating is not impressiveIn topic Today at 12:22:43 PM
velkyn (+213/-7) epidemic (+88/-26) always good when god's plan depends on people being twits.In topic Today at 11:10:18 AM
YouCantHandleTheTruth (+65/-0) YRM_DM (+292/-2) Great recommendation - I love both of their showsIn topic Today at 11:01:52 AM
nogodsforme (+1744/-9) freakygin (+9/-0) But but but you only need a few "kinds" of animals.In topic Today at 09:31:45 AM
Emma286 (+57/-1) nogodsforme (+1744/-9) Good pointsIn topic Today at 08:45:58 AM
Emma286 (+57/-1) ParkingPlaces (+1154/-6) Good pointsIn topic Today at 08:45:41 AM
Add Homonym (+362/-4) kcrady (+814/-1) dfdgdgsgfhaifh fiuhfeih fafjnzcsnz ckjanfiuash fufh akf fu hifIn topic Today at 03:07:42 AM
nogodsforme (+1744/-9) skeptic54768 (+128/-608) That is all this is about.In topic Yesterday at 11:21:11 PM

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