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nogodsforme (+1414/-9) Star Stuff (+171/-4) Jesus has no pocket to carry his phone in. In topic Yesterday at 05:45:04 PM
Dante (+95/-11) Foxy Freedom (+267/-14) agree wholeheartedlyIn topic Yesterday at 02:59:18 PM
Nam (+533/-124) skeptic54768 (+101/-561) Repeating what I've said throughout "Mr die hard"In topic Yesterday at 01:05:59 PM
Emma286 (+6/-0) One Above All (+414/-45) Perfectly put! In topic Yesterday at 12:20:00 PM
lotanddaughters (+103/-26) wheels5894 (+237/-1) Atheists In Wheelchairs: Testimony To Far-Reaching Logic PowerIn topic Yesterday at 11:49:47 AM
lotanddaughters (+103/-26) Graybeard (+694/-23) Christians are stupid.In topic Yesterday at 11:43:35 AM
lotanddaughters (+103/-26) Star Stuff (+171/-4) Christians are stupid.In topic Yesterday at 11:41:33 AM
Jag (+297/-7) wheels5894 (+237/-1) Ouch, good questionIn topic Yesterday at 11:28:17 AM
Jag (+297/-7) Star Stuff (+171/-4) Excellent find, thanks for sharing thisIn topic Yesterday at 11:27:34 AM
lotanddaughters (+103/-26) Graybeard (+694/-23) Good point. China gives death for things like embezzlement.In topic Yesterday at 10:42:49 AM

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