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Add Homonym (+396/-4) sun_king (+42/-0) +1In topic Today at 12:43:40 AM
CrystalDragon (+75/-3) YRM_DM (+344/-2) I admittedly agree with pretty much everything you said. :)In topic Yesterday at 11:31:33 PM
CrystalDragon (+75/-3) nogodsforme (+1830/-9) Very good points.In topic Yesterday at 10:42:35 PM
jynnan tonnix (+181/-1) YRM_DM (+344/-2) Good post. I mostly try to add specifics, but that says all.In topic Yesterday at 09:49:33 PM
jynnan tonnix (+181/-1) nogodsforme (+1830/-9) If there's a heaven and that's where he is :)NotSkep's versionIn topic Yesterday at 08:28:07 PM
wright (+164/-1) nogodsforme (+1830/-9) The Agenda: equal treatment, respect and validation.In topic Yesterday at 08:19:55 PM
nogodsforme (+1830/-9) jaimehlers (+1015/-25) Flawlessly logical, Captain. In topic Yesterday at 06:21:12 PM
nogodsforme (+1830/-9) Azdgari (+441/-39) That's what I keep asking. Why?In topic Yesterday at 04:14:09 PM
jdawg70 (+942/-10) Azdgari (+441/-39) What is achieved?In topic Yesterday at 02:21:26 PM
Boots (+161/-0) YRM_DM (+344/-2) Greatest tasting being?!?! wtfingf?!?! hahahaIn topic Yesterday at 02:15:10 PM

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