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nogodsforme (+1744/-9) wright (+145/-1) Good observations.In topic Today at 05:12:58 PM
One Above All (+516/-53) Emma286 (+59/-1) My apologies, and kudos for standing up for yourself.In topic Today at 03:06:01 PM
nogodsforme (+1744/-9) Add Homonym (+363/-4) Yay for Hans Rosling. Nerds rule. And I should add that z.In topic Today at 03:03:05 PM
Emma286 (+59/-1) screwtape (+1056/-36) Thanks for the shareIn topic Today at 10:12:30 AM
junebug72 (+231/-107) Jag (+356/-9) Good piece optimism keeps you positiveIn topic Today at 06:18:23 AM
junebug72 (+231/-107) Emma286 (+59/-1) Good point we do get some things rightIn topic Today at 06:10:07 AM
Graybeard (+855/-28) sun_king (+32/-0) Ha!In topic Today at 04:49:53 AM
wright (+145/-1) ParkingPlaces (+1155/-6) A bit tetchy yes, but still quality ranting.In topic Today at 12:50:56 AM
The Gawd (+131/-6) Mr. Blackwell (+219/-32) her son made a video with that very theme before he passedIn topic Today at 12:46:23 AM
screwtape (+1056/-36) kcrady (+815/-1) Good postIn topic Yesterday at 09:21:55 PM

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