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junebug72 (+268/-107) OldChurchGuy (+184/-3) gracefulIn topic Today at 04:20:01 AM
Mr. Blackwell (+235/-32) Nam (+619/-131) yupIn topic Today at 01:41:27 AM
jynnan tonnix (+180/-1) jaimehlers (+1014/-25) Wow. I really want a bunch of people out there to see this.In topic Yesterday at 08:47:43 PM
jynnan tonnix (+180/-1) nogodsforme (+1827/-9) if only more people thought as clearlyIn topic Yesterday at 08:43:54 PM
jynnan tonnix (+180/-1) albeto (+149/-1) nice commentary on the verse!In topic Yesterday at 08:08:38 PM
Defiance (+91/-5) skeptic54768 (+139/-638) Just fucking stupid.In topic Yesterday at 06:40:15 PM
Nam (+619/-131) Nick (+304/-8) "empty chair". Funny.In topic Yesterday at 01:44:49 PM
albeto (+149/-1) wright (+164/-1) Immeasurable heroism is right. In topic Yesterday at 12:56:15 PM
wright (+164/-1) albeto (+149/-1) Took immeasurable courage for LGBTs to reach this point.In topic Yesterday at 12:35:17 PM
albeto (+149/-1) The will of Landru (+5/-0) Thank you for the link! I've enjoyed many videos since.In topic Yesterday at 11:19:57 AM

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