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kcrady (+427/-1) Zankuu (+133/-3) Gets to the root of the issue.In topic Today at 08:38:22 PM
Astreja (+270/-3) eh! (+83/-36) There aren't enough +1's in the universe for this comment.In topic Today at 06:52:40 PM
ParkingPlaces (+788/-6) YRM_DM (+83/-1) Well, yea, then there's that.In topic Today at 05:35:11 PM
ParkingPlaces (+788/-6) kcrady (+427/-1) Meant to do this a couple of hours agoIn topic Today at 04:55:22 PM
wright (+83/-1) ParkingPlaces (+788/-6) My daily requirement of PP eloquence and humor, delivered.In topic Today at 02:23:58 PM
wright (+83/-1) kcrady (+427/-1) Lovely dissection of stupid, stinking argument.In topic Today at 02:19:42 PM
wright (+83/-1) One Above All (+293/-37) Appreciate the comparison.In topic Today at 02:03:21 PM
Azdgari (+289/-32) One Above All (+293/-37) Glad it was your joke, and not eh!'s. Because yours is funny.In topic Today at 07:42:13 AM
One Above All (+293/-37) eh! (+83/-36) Condescending old manIn topic Today at 06:01:47 AM
shnozzola (+105/-2) Graybeard (+542/-19) My wife would say I break many of these rules of logicIn topic Yesterday at 09:24:00 PM

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