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Jag (+351/-9) mrbiscoop (+41/-3) Yep. If you're going to use magic anyway...In topic Today at 09:09:13 AM
junebug72 (+229/-107) nogodsforme (+1740/-9) when are you going to write a book?In topic Today at 08:10:42 AM
junebug72 (+229/-107) jdawg70 (+885/-10) never let him forget agape, lmaoIn topic Today at 08:09:36 AM
CrystalDragon (+40/-1) nogodsforme (+1740/-9) Very good pointIn topic Today at 08:02:04 AM
junebug72 (+229/-107) Marvelous (+2/-0) nice postIn topic Today at 07:12:09 AM
jynnan tonnix (+154/-1) epidemic (+85/-26) The magic thing would have been my first question too.In topic Today at 06:42:09 AM
jaimehlers (+949/-25) YRM_DM (+286/-2) That's a very relevant point.In topic Yesterday at 11:23:12 PM
The Gawd (+130/-6) epidemic (+85/-26) they never seem to get the magic making the episode worthless In topic Yesterday at 06:07:22 PM
wright (+143/-1) nogodsforme (+1740/-9) Why are most things better than ever before, indeed.In topic Yesterday at 05:40:15 PM
Mr. Blackwell (+217/-32) frogkids35 (+28/-2) Thank you. In topic Yesterday at 05:17:22 PM

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