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wright (+104/-1) nogodsforme (+1122/-8) Back at you, skeptic.In topic Today at 02:08:16 PM
Ron Jeremy (+82/-2) eh! (+175/-56) Good info!In topic Today at 01:35:41 PM
median (+217/-16) stuffin (+31/-0) KABOOM!In topic Today at 11:15:20 AM
median (+217/-16) screwtape (+794/-30) His "freewill" mantra - same as the other mere claims In topic Today at 11:10:56 AM
lotanddaughters (+72/-24) Foxy Freedom (+162/-14) Good post.In topic Today at 09:10:08 AM
eye over you (+7/-0) nogodsforme (+1122/-8) Yup...laughing all the way to the bank.In topic Today at 01:47:48 AM
xyzzy (+82/-1) Foxy Freedom (+162/-14) Good answerIn topic Yesterday at 09:51:03 PM
Mr. Blackwell (+81/-25) eh! (+175/-56) Of coarse He does, He is the Father! duh. :pIn topic Yesterday at 08:39:07 PM
median (+217/-16) kcrady (+522/-1) B/c he is worshipping a mental projection instead ;)In topic Yesterday at 06:17:19 PM
median (+217/-16) Jag (+244/-7) I predict a, "Science will never be able to answer this." argIn topic Yesterday at 06:00:13 PM

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