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wow (+34/-0) eh! (+64/-32) A true apologetic lol :PIn topic Today at 07:50:42 PM
12 Monkeys (+105/-11) wow (+34/-0) Slam dunk,very eloquent,I am now more intelligent reading itIn topic Today at 07:18:42 PM
12 Monkeys (+105/-11) MadBunny (+114/-0) Silly human,just because God made rules doesn't mean followingIn topic Today at 07:13:58 PM
ParkingPlaces (+771/-6) wow (+34/-0) Stuff I didn't even know I didn't know. In topic Today at 06:30:28 PM
nogodsforme (+896/-6) wow (+34/-0) Slam and dunk.In topic Today at 04:10:11 PM
nogodsforme (+896/-6) jdawg70 (+377/-8) Waiting for the answer.In topic Today at 03:48:20 PM
jdawg70 (+377/-8) skeptic54768 (+52/-438) Reminds me why your username is so infuriating.In topic Today at 02:07:54 PM
12 Monkeys (+105/-11) skeptic54768 (+52/-438) I don't need a God to tell me not to murderIn topic Today at 12:42:21 PM
One Above All (+285/-37) skeptic54768 (+52/-438) Your imagination does not influence me.In topic Today at 11:13:53 AM
ParkingPlaces (+771/-6) Foxy Freedom (+99/-12) Excellent frickn' point. In topic Today at 10:26:51 AM

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