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screwtape (+622/-23) Lukvance (+11/-166) your argument sucksIn topic Today at 08:01:14 AM
Ataraxia (+71/-1) God is good (+1/-5) For being a shining example of a ChristianIn topic Today at 07:55:01 AM
God is good (+1/-5) Ataraxia (+71/-1) This person doesn't get shit. In topic Today at 07:53:52 AM
Emily (+49/-0) Defiance (+22/-2) counter to a bullshit smiteIn topic Today at 07:52:52 AM
Defiance (+22/-2) God is good (+1/-5) You need to check your facts. Then come back.In topic Today at 07:52:09 AM
God is good (+1/-5) Defiance (+22/-2) Because this person doesn't know the reason behind Gods actionIn topic Today at 07:42:25 AM
One Above All (+266/-34) God is good (+1/-5) Bugging me by email.In topic Today at 06:03:01 AM
Ron Jeremy (+52/-2) Add Homonym (+207/-4) Laughter blurted out! Denomination - 'Fruitcake'!! :)In topic Today at 04:54:48 AM
One Above All (+266/-34) God is good (+1/-5) Strawman. AKA: putting words in someone else's mouth.In topic Today at 04:38:10 AM
Ataraxia (+71/-1) God is good (+1/-5) What OAA said - disgustingIn topic Today at 03:29:10 AM

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