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SevenPatch (+92/-4) jdawg70 (+318/-6) I really couldn't have said it better myselfIn topic Today at 01:15:38 PM
lotanddaughters (+48/-20) YRM_DM (+38/-1) A crock of shit indeed.In topic Today at 01:10:50 PM
lotanddaughters (+48/-20) Ataraxia (+68/-0) Good stuff.In topic Today at 01:08:29 PM
jdawg70 (+318/-6) Lukvance (+10/-149) I think I'm just going to point and laugh at you.In topic Today at 01:01:12 PM
jaimehlers (+509/-12) Lukvance (+10/-149) He isn't "running out", you just dismiss them without cause.In topic Today at 12:37:53 PM
jaimehlers (+509/-12) Astreja (+237/-1) Lukvance's obstinance is definitely relevant.In topic Today at 12:34:23 PM
jaimehlers (+509/-12) Graybeard (+459/-15) You have the right to support whoever you wish.In topic Today at 12:33:45 PM
Lukvance (+10/-149) Astreja (+237/-1) I'm not the subject of this discussionIn topic Today at 12:31:28 PM
Lukvance (+10/-149) Graybeard (+459/-15) Can't he speak for himself? Does he really need your support?In topic Today at 12:27:55 PM
lotanddaughters (+48/-20) Add Homonym (+206/-4) Yeah.In topic Today at 12:22:42 PM

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