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ParkingPlaces (+756/-6) nogodsforme (+864/-6) I need a script that will give you a '+' every time you post.In topic Today at 12:24:23 PM
screwtape (+662/-28) SamK (+2/-0) thank you for sharingIn topic Today at 11:52:03 AM
lotanddaughters (+49/-21) Mrjason (+90/-2) Married 7 years. Even if coincidence, +1.In topic Today at 09:52:58 AM
lotanddaughters (+49/-21) SamK (+2/-0) Good intro, especially the first #3.In topic Today at 09:11:33 AM
screwtape (+662/-28) G-Roll (+43/-2) thanks for respondingIn topic Today at 08:31:53 AM
lotanddaughters (+49/-21) nogodsforme (+864/-6) Every paragraph/footnote was fucking superb.In topic Today at 07:10:06 AM
Chronos (+128/-6) nogodsforme (+864/-6) Atheist to every religion except the one you follow.In topic Yesterday at 10:26:30 PM
jdawg70 (+360/-8) Nam (+311/-84) Love that flick.In topic Yesterday at 02:02:03 PM
lotanddaughters (+49/-21) YRM_DM (+74/-1) Skep forgive like he preaches? Not even with Jesus watching.In topic Yesterday at 01:17:31 PM
lotanddaughters (+49/-21) jaimehlers (+559/-17) Love that there's a video game. Judaism/copycats are FUCKED.In topic Yesterday at 11:59:57 AM

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