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General Religious Discussion / Re: God the Pervert
« Last post by Emma286 on Yesterday at 08:38:06 AM »
I agree with Jetson (as per usual  ;D). Our intelligence may be impressive (if only to us), but it may also be our downfall. It may be the wrong way to evolve. We're using our brains to mess up this planet in so many ways that it isn't silly. War, pollution, slavery, overpopulation, voluntary and involuntary ignorance,etc., all of which are byproducts of our 'intelligence'.

Being smart doesn't do much good if we only use it to act stupid.

Good points. Boy, thinking about all this is starting to make me feel very negative/pessimistic  :( Guess there's no way of getting away from the harsh facts of life/existence though.  :(
Religion & Society / Re: Why I support Donald Trump for President
« Last post by jaimehlers on Yesterday at 08:36:31 AM »
The hype that surrounds America is kind of like the hype that surrounds an unreleased video game; the reality can never measure up.

However, America is, nonetheless, a very good country on the whole.  Hopefully it will continue to stay that way, although a lot of people have the idea that if we just do one thing (usually something along the lines of cutting taxes), we can "recover America's lost greatness", and that sort of thinking never leads to actually being great.  The major recipients of things like tax cuts are never satisfied with them (nor do they put the money in question into anything which benefits others), and nobody else benefits enough to make them really worthwhile on their own.
Jesus isn't "as bad" as the rest of them.   Jesus parables actually do have some solid morality in them.

I mention that as a "problem" because it helps people hang on to a delusional belief.

Isn't it easier to believe in Jesus than Moses or Elijah when Moses and Elijah order other people to be murdered in their stories?    It's easier to look at Moses ordering war brides to be taken from the young virgins and say to yourself, "No way this guy was a prophet of a real god."

Elijah, in fact, has a "prove god" contest with the priests of Ba'al.  In the story, it's likely/apparent (if this story even happened) that Elijah sets up an altar with sulfer and quicklime, then pours naptha and then has his marks pour water over the whole thing (which would start a fire in your back yard today, and the chemicals were available back then).   After "god" ignites the altar, Elijah has all the competing priests murdered.

Of course this is a challenge to "test god" and later the Bible says never to "test god".


Jesus is at least a little more consistent and good compared to the jerks in the Old Testament, so, it makes it a little easier to hang on to the idea that he was a corpse with a fatal wound that came back to life (complete with fatal wound still there) after three days.

Because Jesus was nice, it's harder to question the above statement for believers.
General Religious Discussion / Re: God the Pervert
« Last post by Jag on Yesterday at 08:32:01 AM »

A single species on a single planet in a single solar system circling a single star - in the entirety of the universe.

General Religious Discussion / Re: God the Pervert
« Last post by junebug72 on Yesterday at 08:30:25 AM »
I haven't had much time for research but I did find this article:

Read it at your own risk!  Humans can be some sick twisted and cruel beings.

I will be having bad dreams about penis toes for at least a week! :o

I don't see how any religion can make a case against incest when they think an authoritative God/s used incest to create us.  I'm pretty damn sure that's why laws against incestuous relationships are secular laws instead of religious.

Here's the law:

Religion & Society / Re: Why I support Donald Trump for President
« Last post by One Above All on Yesterday at 08:28:53 AM »
Great, greatest, great again.

At what? For whom? Compared to what? For what purpose or goal? What is being measured, and who decides?

I'm not sure, which is why I'm using quotes when I say "great". Even the Slate article I mentioned was found by searching something like "good things the USA leads the world in", since every time I searched "Why the USA is the greatest country on Earth", all I found were articles debunking that belief. I also found out that the USA no longer leads the world in prisoners per capita, so that's something it's improving on. Either that or the current number one just started imprisoning people like crazy, thus surpassing the USA's prison population growth, as opposed to said growth decreasing.
Religion & Society / Re: Why I support Donald Trump for President
« Last post by Jag on Yesterday at 08:16:36 AM »
Great, greatest, great again.

At what? For whom? Compared to what? For what purpose or goal? What is being measured, and who decides?


The "higher being God responds to" might make sense to some of they go with the whole "Elohim", "midst of the gods" thing that related to the OT, but by the NT monotheism was a lot more firmly established.  So with Yahweh being the one who has all the power and thus has no higher authority, he's the one who makes the rules regarding salvation. 

I think there might be a few verses from the OT that talks about God loving us as well, but I'll need to find them...

A god who is defined as Love and forgiveness by many should have more than a couple of passages that are favorable to that position.  God is vane, vengeful, angry, and has all the failings of man.   To me he is the product of mans flaws because he is a product of mans mind.  The reason that god is as he is described is because he reflects the culture and people at the time when the old testament was written.  In my opinion Jesus is probably an amalgam of people and stories written as if it was one person an embellished over the decades of the first century.  All one needs to do is look at Jehovah's Witness's, and or Joseph Smith's mormans, to realize how quickly a man can be endowed with mythical powers.   Look at all the religions that have sprung up in the relatively modern age and imagine how much easier the game of telephone could have made someone walk on water back in the days of magic and mystery. 

As for the higher god,  I think you misunderstand the point I was trying to make.   The only way that the jesus story makes sense is if god was sacrificing jesus to satisfy a higher beings need for a blood sacrifice.   If god wanted to forgive he could simply forgive (especially considering that he is forgiveness and love) to torture and kill oneself to make oneself forgive is plain and outright stupidity/insanity.  Now if god of love had a vengeful despotic god in charge of him, payment in blood makes sense. 

old testament
1) God creates man
2) God creates rules and punishments (knowing that man will absolutely by design fail)
3) God is angry (that his creation did exactly as his creation was designed.  and allows another failed creation (the devil) to influence them.)
4) God sets up a test he knows will fail (he is all knowing, all powerful)
5) God punishes his creation by making it breed more things that are bound to fail (and allows the devil to assist in pissing him off and corrupting man further)
6) God gets pissed and kills off all people in a flood and within a cosmic nanosecond man fails again (again god fully knew this would happen)
7) God squashes attempts to build a tower to heaven (strange story one would think that the space program should have spawned new cultures and people to we never made it to space lol)

New testament
Now when we last left off god was pissed off at his creation that he has attempted to reboot several times and he stubbornly refuses to reprogram to address the glitches.

8) God now really pissed off at all the sins against his arbitrary rules (he knew man could not follow) decides that he wants to forgive mans evil nature.
9) God hatches a plan that will make him happy.
10) He will come to earth as a human and .
.....A) Allow people to sin by murdering him
.....B) Through this sin god is made happy by allowing himself/his son be tortured and murdered
.....C) Man by committing this sin is now in gods good graces is forgiven because they murdered him.
.....D) God's son/god gave his life to protect us from himself and he was murdered to make himself happy.

Something about 1 - 9 does not make sense but luckily we have 10 which clears things up with a ton of confusion.

Ps.  All this while remaining invisible and stubbornly refusing to interact or correct peoples errant belief systems, allowing for many false teachings to be spread in his name.  Hoping that man's fallible mind will come to the right conclusion by faith (the worst most unreliable path to truth.) with the errant thought that free will is corrupt by evidence.
Passover requires the moon to be that way because it is a pagan nature holiday, like the summer and winter solstice and the harvest festival. Any time a religion requires the moon to be in a certain phase (that's you Muslims, too, with your Imams watching the moon for the start and end of Ramadan) it is based on ancient pagan beliefs.

Nothing wrong with that, but don't pretend that there is anything special or godly or mystical about Jewish or Christian (or Islamic) festivals. Nature worship. That's all.

I honestly figured that it was a "pagan nature worship" thing the moment velkyn brought it up. 8). It's interesting how a lot of Jewish/Christian/probably Islamic customs are derived from pagan nature worship, though in a way it makes sense.  After all back then, nature and its mysteries we're really about all they had to go on.  Heck, even today we still use aspects of that every day, like the days of the week.
General Religious Discussion / Re: Infinite Material Regress?
« Last post by eh! on Yesterday at 06:57:54 AM »
What have I missed in the last 10 hours??
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