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Science / Re: Randomness and Determinism
« Last post by jaimehlers on Yesterday at 03:31:02 PM »
Actually, it's very likely that neither of those terms are accurate, because of the way quantum physics works.  Stochastic is pretty close because of the way it operates with probabilities.  But how it appears things work is that material objects get superposed and decoupled all the time, which we simply don't notice because once a person decouples from the superposition by making a measurement, they're only aware of the result they actually got.  And while there's no way to tell, it really doesn't make sense that all the other possible results simply cease to exist once a measurement is made, so they (and the person making the measurement) split off into parallel branches.
Religion In The News / Re: Hugs lead to sex!
« Last post by Mr. Blackwell on Yesterday at 03:30:41 PM »
"Having multiple sex partners is almost like tape that loses its stickiness after being applied and removed multiple times. So the more partners you have the harder it is to bond to the next.

If the good folks at CityLife church were as good at foreplay as they are at word play, they might not be so eager to insinuate their opinions about something they have no experience with onto other peoples kids.

Clearly marriage is about more than just sex, or else nobody would stay married when they get old or when one partner gets injured or sick. For many couples, those are the times when being married is the most important.

How dare you imply that marriage is anything but a covenant with YHWH the Magnificent! Blasphemy!

Anyway, great post. Too bad it will likely go right over the heads of the bigots.
Religion In The News / Re: Hugs lead to sex!
« Last post by Mr. Blackwell on Yesterday at 03:24:51 PM »
Yes, that's exactly how I meant it! I'm excited about this new revelation.

See, even the believers have to admit that god needs to show up and reveal his true nature to everyone.

Then we can all make a fair assessment of his character and decide whether he is worthy of our time and attention. As long as all supposed gods play hide and seek it is hard to blame some of us for being atheists. For most people, it appears that the universe itself, plus feelings, dreams, magic tricks and ancient stories--and the existence of other believers-- are evidence enough for at least one god.

The rest of us are holding out for the real thing. Maybe that is what the real god wants in his followers. People who are not fooled by legends about world-drowning tyrants, rules written by sex-obsessed wannabes, phony baloney magicians, and water-walking hippie poseurs.

Maybe the real god will reward all those willing to behave ourselves, think rationally, withhold worship and wait for him to actually show up.  :D
I've said before, Christians could die, meet the Creator of the universe, and He might say, "You actually believed that I was the incompetent asshole in that book? You're going to Hell!"

That's just as plausible if not more plausible than people hearing stories that don't make sense, not believing the stupid stories, and suffering for eternity for it.
Religion In The News / Re: Hugs lead to sex!
« Last post by screwtape on Yesterday at 03:15:01 PM »
I have a personal policy of: if you hug me, I will punch you in the face.

Sure, sure.  You sound like those homophobic guys who are actually gay, that think they have to overcompensate and show everyone how not-gay they are by reacting violently to homosexuality. 

This^ is you crying out for a hug.  Or coming out of the closet.  Could go either way (pardon the pun).


Hey, now.  I try to not use the word slut in a derogatory manner.  Women who sleep with men - specifically, with me - are doing the lord's work, as far as I am concerned.  They should be celebrated, not shamed.  So I take your commentary here as, "Sluts!  Horray for them!"   

General Religious Discussion / Re: Don't make me go!
« Last post by wheels5894 on Yesterday at 03:07:43 PM »
Easy choice, too, if some of the Christians who don't like the Supreme Court Ruling recently. I could not stand to listen to them for ever whining on and on..... unless.....

Maybe, if there is a god, maybe it isn't bothered by sexuality at all (perhaps the bible writers put in their own preferences!) and so lots of gay people are entering heaven. In that case I want to see how the bigots get on when faced with and eternity of listening to gays!
Religion In The News / Re: No Gays Allowed
« Last post by wheels5894 on Yesterday at 02:59:17 PM »
We don't really have this sort of problem in Scotland but I would boycott any shop with a sign like that - and I am straight, with 39 years of marriage behind me!
Religion In The News / Re: This Is More Than About Gay Marriage
« Last post by wheels5894 on Yesterday at 02:56:42 PM »
What a load of horrid people - punishing a lad becasue they can't take his fathers' lifestyle! Still, their religion is important to them and Jesus was specific when it came ot the issue - 'Thou shalt hate gaysMatt 39 verse 2,' he said.
Religion In The News / Re: No Gays Allowed
« Last post by nogodsforme on Yesterday at 02:56:09 PM »
Any business that starts trying to list all the people they won't serve based on who gets dissed in the bible will have zero customers.

Can't serve men who don't have beards, women who speak in church, people of the wrong race, religion, orientation; people who work on the sabbath, people who eat the wrong foods, people who wear mixed fiber clothes, kids who sass their parents, anyone who blasphemes, anyone who wears jewelry, anyone divorced or who had sex outside of marriage, etc, etc.

Why are these people in business again?  :P
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