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I dont see how you all do it... by it I mean stomach these trolls. From the first post you could tell the dishonesty and they he was not here to discuss. While say, a theist like JB (when she arrived), was different in that she was willing to answer questions. I wouldnt be surprised if this is just a sock puppet for skeppy.

That's because I was not religious!  You do know I am atheist now.  At least 6 months. I always was to a Christian anyways.

My only goal was to show that you can believe in a Higher Power and still respect the atheist.

Now I'm an atheist trying to show that I have empathy for the religious. 

I wish orangecrush would just share his testimony here in the Testimony section.  Let us get to know him.  How he came to believe what he believes. 

He did not come here so that we could question his beliefs.  He don't care if we go to hell.  His only motive is to provoke us into anger so that we say something amoral and he can say see, see, see I told you they were wrong about gods being imaginary.

To use his own logic.  Does calling him an idiot prove we are wrong?

General Religious Discussion / Re: me aganist the board
« Last post by Add Homonym on Yesterday at 07:49:20 AM »
when I said debate it was assumed that chicks would know that chicks can't debate theology.

What if they have no husband at home, to instruct them? Should they ask their Sybian machine?
OK, I know the first question you have - why the bleep would I watch that garbage?  I'm not sure how many of you have seen the movie, and I know I'm a year late, but for those who have, it's a top notch comedy.

I went by myself to the theater and paid admission. I totally enjoyed my experience. It wasn't too crowded. I would estimate that it was only 20-30% full in that room. This is one of those places where there is like 25-30 theaters, each showing a different movie. To my left was what looked like a mother and her son. She was probably 50 years old and the son was about late teens to early twenties. Towards the end where the Newsboys are performing, she stood up and danced and sang along. Her son stayed seated like me. There was a part of a scene where either the Newsboys told people to stand up or the main character told his class to stand up. I don't quite remember. All I remember is a couple of Christian idiots in the theater standing up like they were pledging allegiance or something.

The movie was definitely worth watching. The atheist professor is a fuckin' over-the-top asshole that could only exist in fiction. I'm talkin', the dude is about halfway to Yahweh. Yeah . . . that much of an asshole. Comedy indeed.

"God's Not Dead". Before the Age of the Internet, if they came out with a movie with that title, the mere title alone would cause me cognitive dissonance, just like the mere existence of nonbelievers caused me cognitive dissonance. They have to come out with a song and a movie that proclaim, "God's Not Dead", because their imaginary God who is nowhere to be found isn't proclaiming shit.

Needless to say, my wife thinks I'm a fuckin' nutcase. I go by myself to a Christian movie. I hang out on a website called
They're only all true Christians when its time for head count.
General Religious Discussion / Re: Should Atheist Unite?
« Last post by Defiance on Yesterday at 07:28:09 AM »
Well, One isn't wrong, really.

To the topic, I don't think we should "unite" more than  we already have. It's bad connotation for people.

It's not that we "unite" and make coalitions and things, it's that we show why atheists exists, and why it's okay to be an atheist. Last thing I want is people labeling us as a new religion. No groups.
General Religious Discussion / Re: Bible God/Jesus is a Pervert
« Last post by Airyaman on Yesterday at 07:26:36 AM »
The bible is as we read it in our own eyes. Not being the writers, it is up to us to fill in the blanks. The idea that Adam brought sin into the world by virtue of them being the one and only couple was a pure Christian interpretation, or at least a first century notion. Revisionism.
Science / Re: Scientists discover the only known warm-blooded fish
« Last post by Defiance on Yesterday at 07:23:13 AM »
Woah woah, speaking of Noah,

How the hell did he manage to get two of every creature from the ocean floor?


Also, thanks for the article.
General Religious Discussion / Re: how did early xians live??
« Last post by Nam on Yesterday at 06:58:48 AM »
^those were Muslims.

General Religious Discussion / Re: how did early xians live??
« Last post by Nick on Yesterday at 06:57:55 AM »
I think they met at the Roman bath houses.  Good times.
Chatter / Re: how do i make Bing dissapear?
« Last post by Nam on Yesterday at 06:57:29 AM »
Tell him that.

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