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Because most people are simpletons and believe in simple things.  Read my sig for the obvious in most people.
No. I believe that only humans can create evil.

           What do you suppose causes this evil?  Where does it come from?  If you are saying somehow the human psyche, the human experience creates it?
Do you think there is a satan, that manipulates people?  I suppose you realize that not believing in evil goes hand in hand with not believing in ****.

edit - weird, why would the nanny simple machines not like the use of g-o-(o)-d?

My question then is the following. Is the person who hurts someone 100% responsible?
Let's say a army guy who shoot to kill someone because he was ordered too.
Does he and his commandant die too?
I take the example of protestants in the street. They protest, this protest do not allow you to go to work. You need to go to work to feed your family today. Do the protesters suffer?
They are asked to move by the police but chose to stay nevertheless. Do the police suffer when they hit them with bats? Or gas them?
Finally is the perfect judgement from God is perfect according to you? or according to him? or according to someone else? the majority of people? Who?
   I think so many levels of belief are due to age, among many things.  Children exposed to the idea of god are fine with the floating old grandfather.    Teenagers may need an imagined being to help get through life.  Later god can be pretty much like "the force" from Star Wars.  Intelligence, experiences, education keeps changing one's view of of the possibility of a god as we go through life.    I would guess a large swath of theism has a very watered down view of their deity of choice, and continue doubting while believing.  To say that a believer is a believer is simplifying a range of views. 
General Religious Discussion / Re: Why [God] made me with a fallible brain?
« Last post by Lukvance on Yesterday at 04:16:33 PM »
Jesus said to him, "Truly I say to you that this very night, before a rooster crows, you will deny Me three times."  This is a prophesy uttered to one man: Peter.

Peter replies: "Even if I have to die with You, I will not deny You."

So, here you have a clear and unambiguous example from your bible of a clear and unambiguous prophesy concerning a single person. And despite his clear and unambiguous statement that he would employ every iota of free will at his disposal to act contrary to the prophesy, he nevertheless does exactly what the god character says he will.
This story establishes that whatever the god character says you'll do, you'll do, regardless of your intentions, and no matter how much free will you bring to bear.
Thank you for that quote. I did not remember that there was such a prophecy.
Indeed Jesus/God told Peter what he will do and he had no choice in doing it. He said a similar thing to Judas. (now that you gave me one example I have others that comes to mind)

The god character, if it so chooses, could whisper in your ear a running commentary of what you're going to do from moment to moment. Every thought and deed. And there would be nothing you could do but think what the god says you'll think, and do what the god says you'll do. You are forced to do exactly what the god says, or the god would be wrong. I think you would begin to see the strings controlling your each and every action within 5 minutes. And you have to realize that since it is possible for the god to do this, it doesn't have to whisper anything to you for you to know that the strings have to be there even if you can't see them.
Here is the difference between you, me and Peter. We don't live with Jesus.
I agree with you that God COULD whisper in our ear IF he so choose. But that would be going against our free will.
I believe that he waits for us to ask him THEN he whisper.
I tried many times to ask him the winning numbers of the lotto. I heard him laughed... :s
I guess there are things that he won't answers in our mortal life. We Catholic believe that we will have all the answers once we die and go to heaven.
Chatter / Re: Don't protest after sundown..
« Last post by shnozzola on Yesterday at 04:08:52 PM »
   I can sort of understand both sides here.   I get a kick out of Al Sharpton.  The other night while he had the mic he asked the protestors where they had been a couple weeks earlier during the small turnout for elections.  He also asked way local, state, federal governments can spend so much on police  vehicles but so very little on jobs.  This may be a wakeup call to urban folks to vote like crazy.  I hope so.

   On the other hand, those of us with white skin don't know how it feels to drive, walk, and live while black.  Funny, many very intelligent African Americans I know have a culture of stfu - don't say a word  - don't vote - look down - keep under the radar.  It must have something to do with your grandfather or great grandfather getting whipped for being insubordinate. I hope what is going on in Ferguson changes things, but I am worried it won't.
Let me just say something quickly.

the fact that a lot of people view certain religions as false does not mean that every religion is false. It is certainly possible that one religion could be true.

Not every religion can be true. But, every religion can be false.
Chatter / Re: Don't protest after sundown..
« Last post by Nam on Yesterday at 03:22:46 PM »
Bolds mine.

Quite the misenterpretation of  what screwtape actually said. His posts make it pretty clear to me that he's not saying 'Too Fucking Bad: things are bad and won't change' but 'TFB: things are bad so change them'.

I know what he said. He's saying: vote to change things. And what I am saying is: how can I[1] when they do everything they can to prevent me from doing so?

 1. not me personally since I'm white -- and though me as a white person can change things for them if I wasn't in a dominated white Republican racist area called: the South. Liberals are just as much a minority to these people as anyone.

This says that most believers do not believe at all and I agree with that view.


Divorce is only now reaching towards equality because men cannot run away as easily as they used to. We now have the law chasing them instead of mothers without resources.

Deadbeat dads are not getting away as easily anymore.

When we have as many unwed fathers as mothers requesting the children, only then will the courts equalize what they do.

I cannot see men stepping up as often as women will and thus women will always deserve the highest returns.

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