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Introductions / Re: Hi Any Apotemnophiliacs here?
« Last post by Nick on Yesterday at 03:41:37 PM »
Isn't that the fruit that proves evolution is false?  Anyhow, the site is really about that salamander than can save you 15% in 15 minutes on car insurance.
So even if the story is true (its not, but for the sake of argument lets say it is), if A &E hadn't sinned, then the planet would be a boring place, be it for just A&E, or, in case we don't understand the intent of this god guy, perhaps a few more people here and there. Which would be sucky for all of us sinners because we wouldn't exist. In any way, shape or form. So I think I like it better this way. Life may be far less than perfect, but at least we're not all sitting around pretending we're happy when we simply don't know any better.

Edit: typos, and then again for some english errors. I'll find more later.

Sex is a sin. They'd always be virgins. If other people were made, Adam wouldn't have any body parts left.

why do some liberals hate vanilla and yet love chocolate?
I thought the pain of child birth was one of those bad things that resulted from eating the apple.  So, if they had not then no need for child birth.  God would have played with His 2 humans and probably got bored.  But then it had to be this way.  Since there are 3 God heads what would have been the purpose of the Jesus God head if not to come die for us?  So, in a way God had to make Eve eat the apple.  Perhaps it was God as the talking snake.  He is a sneaky God.
Jah rules, you bunch of evil angry atheists, why do you mock my god,

praise Jah
General Religious Discussion / Re: Why Did Jesus Weep?
« Last post by Boots on Yesterday at 03:19:41 PM »
SOMEthing had to be the shortest verse in the bible...
Hindus talk a lot about Brahma and Krishna. Scientologists talk a lot about Xenu. Rastas talk a lot about Jah. Muslims talk a lot about Allah. That's around 3 billion people, so those gods must be real beings. Even though if Allah is real, the rest cannot be.

You've got to remember that skeptic54768 does believe that Brahma, Krishna, Xenu, Jah, Allah - all of'em - do, in fact, exist.  They just happen to be demons tricking people into thinking they are worshiping/following/taking advice from/listening to the actual One True Deity.
They want you to believe , you want them to not believe. I guess you are right, Both sides, would if they could, force the other to believe what they believe.
However, hasn't that the way it has always been. So again. What differents does it truely make.

I honestly don't know why this:
Beliefs inform actions.  Actions have consequences.

Should a belief that you possess have no impact on the decisions you make and the actions you undertake, then that belief doesn't really make a difference.  I'm willing to bet that you possess zero beliefs that do not inform your decisions and actions in some way.

...doesn't answer your question.  Do you not agree with it?  If not, why not?

I'm curious.
Why the bias towards Islam?

Skep, I invite you to ask several Muslims living in America whether *they* think there is a bias towards Islam.  Kindly report your findings back, I'm sure we'd all love to hear them.
I would think that a simple proof that God exists is the fact that even atheists talk about God more than some believers. if it's all just a "fairy tale," then there's really no point to waste ANY time on it whatsoever.

Think about it. I'm sure some o you guys hate watching reality TV shows. Now, would it make sense for someone who hates reality TV shows to go on a reality TV forum and start discussing reality TV shows every day?

Hindus talk a lot about Brahma and Krishna. Scientologists talk a lot about Xenu. Rastas talk a lot about Jah. Muslims talk a lot about Allah. That's around 3 billion people, so those gods must be real beings. Even though if Allah is real, the rest cannot be.

Do you seriously posit that gods exist because people, including atheists, talk about them? Many of us don't talk about gods or religion much other than in forums like this. But, doesn't it occur to you that one reason we talk about gods and religion is because of the effect these beings and phenomena (real or not) have on our lives?

Our friends, coworkers, neighbors and relatives are religious.  They may treat us badly, or shun us because of their beliefs. There may be family friction; if we are rejecting certain religions, our relatives maybe even cause us some harm. Our political leaders are influenced by religion, and can decide to go to war, or make something illegal, or allow something to be taught to our kids based on what they think about god.

What I can or cannot do with my life (get birth control, adopt kids, get married, run for office, become a citizen, join the military, eat certain foods, smoke or drink certain things, wear certain clothes) might be based on some other person's religious beliefs. So we are affected by behavior, laws and policies based on stuff that we don't think is real, but that other people do. And that affects us, so, yeah, we talk about it. Considering how much god-belief permeates most societies, it would be strange if unbelievers did not talk about it sometimes.

Kinda like if some people thought the Avengers were real. If a group of Avenger believers (Believengers? ;D)  got into positions of power and were making social policy based on what Iron Man, Thor and the Hulk might think, the rest of the people--especially those who thought the Avengers were made up comic book characters-- would probably be discussing it!

Wouldn't you think it worthy of discussion if Believengers had taken over school boards, and were seriously proposing teaching biology classes with Avengers comics instead of science textbooks?  What if Believengers wanted to post scenes from Avengers movies on the walls of courtrooms and other government buildings using your tax dollars? How about if some Believenger business folks decided to not serve people unless they had Avengers logo gear on?

Believengers want everyone else to follow their calendar, understand their dietary rules and dress codes, acknowledge their holidays, and say their little catch phrases ("Clench up, Legolas."). Suppose they gain the numbers to actually enforce this stuff? You better join your local Believengers Bassembly, or be socially ostracized.

Then, when you do start arguing about it, the Believengers nod knowingly and say, "See, by discussing the holy almighty Avengers with us, you have just proven that they are real! You must secretly be a Believenger."[1]
 1. Actually, the Believengers might be a pretty awesome religion as long at they stayed away from social policy and did not discriminate publicly against un-Believengers. I will try to start it at the next Comicon--we may have the next FSM!
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