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Chatter / Re: If you could have one wish, what would it be, and why?
« Last post by eh! on Yesterday at 07:07:08 PM »
I would wish for omnipotence and when that wish is granted I would grant myself unlimited wishes.
Chatter / If you could have one wish, what would it be, and why?
« Last post by One Above All on Yesterday at 07:04:55 PM »
The only rule is that you can't wish for more wishes. Aside from that, any and all non-paradoxical things are allowed. So, what would you wish for and why?
General Religious Discussion / Re: does prophecy negate free will
« Last post by eh! on Yesterday at 07:00:48 PM »
what a mangled up nonsense claim for so many reasons.

a scientific prediction to foretell the results of an event is a very specific thing that can be tested, scientific predictions are always made with an estimation of error built in.

I predict that if you supply 10 volts full-wave rectified DC with 2% ripple to a 2 Ohm load you will measure a current of 5 Amps within the known tolerances of the load which can be as much as 10% and the known ripple in the supply.

that is testable, I doubt I can claim to be a prophet as you saying for my "telling of truth"

why the snark at science, do you fear it, it is evident you have not made an attempt to understand it.

does science tread on your theological toes and disempower you?
General Religious Discussion / Re: does prophecy negate free will
« Last post by dennis on Yesterday at 06:49:25 PM »
Just for the record: A prophecy is NOT equal to a prediction. A prophet is a 'teller of the truth' and that may be a future, present or even  past truth. I.e. a prophet is a messenger of God (as Truth).

Isn't it ironic that scientists aim to be just that  :police:

General Religious Discussion / Re: Why Don't Christians Follow This Verse?
« Last post by dennis on Yesterday at 06:41:10 PM »
Why would we (need to) think atheists are evil? Didn't know that was a theistic requirement.
Chatter / Re: Ferguson
« Last post by Nam on Yesterday at 06:23:37 PM »
I don't think it matters. Because the prosecutor would keep the jury mainly white, anyhow.

Like the grand jury only had 3 black people.

The problem I have is Ferguson is 97% black. It has a 99% white police force and most of all the politicians who rule Ferguson are all white. It seems only the white voice in Ferguson matters. Do people honestly believe the way law enforcement, the governor etc., has created Ferguson, they'd do that in St. Louis, which isn't too far away? They treat Ferguson as if it's a city of criminals. And Ferguson does have a high arrest record because the residents get arrested for things most others would, at most, get a ticket for. The city makes their money based on how much revenue the police station gets. I saw and read that in the news. See it from the residents point-of-view. I read somewhere that 8 in 10 residents in Furgoson have been approached by police. That's too high, and just ridiculous.

Chatter / Re: Ferguson
« Last post by G-Roll on Yesterday at 04:58:36 PM »
First, as I understand, and the convenience store video showed, he actually got just a couple of cigars.
So this is acceptable behavior then? So long as it was just a couple of cigars strong arming a shop owner is cool? Grant it not a capital crime. Perhaps assault at most.

The photos I saw (and I'll try to link them) showed the cop in the hospital with no actual signs of a fight.
I saw something with his face bruised up and a busted lip. Nothing like the smashed face structure that Fox News would have me believe.
I am not sure where I stand on Cops being able to use deadly force and at what point it becomes acceptable. I don’t see why non-lethal force wasn’t the first option or why he wasn’t equipped with it. Or why cops are not armed with just incapacitating weapons... like the one that killed that 12 year old kid...  Also I am not going to pretend to know everything and state what I feel he should and shouldn’t have done because I wasn’t there and I am sure I haven’t heard or seen everything. 

So when cops kill someone over some completely minor incident
I don’t see assaulting a cop as a minor incident. So far I accept the story of the GJ because of the evidence I have seen. To me it’s a question of how injured Wilson was (was he dazed by the blow? "Rocked" and half unconscious?) and at what point is it ok for a cop to defend himself with deadly force?

If this is not what we want, then we need to rethink these procedures.
Regardless of what actually happened there are a few procedures we need to rethink. What do you think of cameras on cops? Maybe if I get bored and the subject is on my mind I will research (you tube) and look into non-lethal weapons and get all pissy wondering why cops don't use those instead of guns.

See the militarized police thread.  Links explain why it it so hard to indict cops.  Plus, the DA threw the case.  He just dumped some evidence on the jury and washed his hands of it.  Normally, they walk the jury through it.  DAs get grand jury indictments at a rate of like 90%.  Except when trying cops.  Fucker should be disbarred.
That last part is odd huh? I have no argument against his disbarring.
Is the system protecting cops pretty much just watching out for their own? I don’t understand why a trial wasn’t held. If he was (supposedly) blatantly innocent as the evidence shows then why not give Brown and his family their right to a trial? Because Brown is black or because things could go sideways in court for Wilson? Both of those answers are unacceptable and I fail to think of another.   
Allan Savory's TED talk -  this lecture is for folks that think human beings need to act, and that there is not a plan by a god that is working perfectly

General Religious Discussion / Re: The Bible: Short Version
« Last post by G-Roll on Yesterday at 04:27:07 PM »
Because what?  Every sadly disappointed parent uses torture and murder to teach their kids a lesson right?



Come on, I FRIGGIN DARE  YOU to say it...

He actually already has kinda..

Christians can't do that, median. Only God can because he is the Creator and Supreme King.

Since God is infinite, any sin against Him deserves infinite punishment.

Since humans are not infinite, sins against us don't merit infinite punishment.

This is Christianity 101, median.;quote=584190;topic=25868.145
In a thread titled is it right to torture you kids with fire in the basement? Grant it I don't recall him saying we humans should do that but.. yeah to answer your god parent comparison... been there done that already.
Chatter / Re: Ferguson
« Last post by screwtape on Yesterday at 04:22:03 PM »
The rude pundit:  cops who did not kill unarmed people who fought them.

The point being, Wilson didn't really have to do what he did. 
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