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Chatter / Re: militarized police state
« Last post by screwtape on Today at 01:11:30 PM »

Should the people of Ferguson be considered within their Second Amendment right to shoot the police?  Is this viable tyranny? 

If we changed "Ferguson" to "Nottingham", Chief Tom Jackson to the Sheriff of Nottingham, "Big Mike" to "Little John" and James Knowels IIIWiki to "Prince John", we have what looks like the exact premise of Robin Hood.  Is it now okay for Robin Hood to start kicking ass?

If we accept that this is what the second amendment really means - and I don't - is it appropriate? 

General Religious Discussion / Re: Human Rights.
« Last post by none on Today at 12:52:08 PM »

ooh,, abortion a fav topic of mine... not that I claim to be morally objective but I have my opinions.
I'll just throw this out there and maybe you'll be able to correct the assumption I have, but I consider abortion of anything prior to the umbilical cord being cut outside the womb as fair game.
having said that I feel if a woman doesn't want to carry a baby to term she shouldn't have to, sorry father's rights but fathers shouldn't tether themselves to a woman anymore than a fetus she doesn't want.
I made a thread on father's rights to an abortion. I agree, we shouldn't have the power to tell a woman what to do with her body. But its worth a discussion of whether a father can terminate his parental obligations in the same manner a woman can terminate hers. A woman should not be able to tether herself to a man's paycheck if he doesn't want her to.
I've heard of the financial tethering going both ways, supposedly the money is for the child ( trickle down economics ).
It seems legally if a man admits he is the father legally he is obligated, the way out seems to not be legally identified as the father.
What about involuntary DNA testing to determine paternity, necessary or a violation? I haven't thought about these interpersonal aspects of paternity as much as the right to terminate a pregnancy.
Religion In The News / Re: First-Century House Found In Nazareth
« Last post by stuffin on Today at 11:52:56 AM »
That's great!!!

Every year we could clone a new Jesus and crucify him. All those 3rd world folks wouldn't have to traumatize themselves, they could let Jesus take on the burden he is entitled to.
General Religious Discussion / Re: Christians: a moral question
« Last post by Mrjason on Today at 11:48:30 AM »
Yeah but...Is Jules C hot?
It is incoherent to say a maximally great being could be surpassed. A maximally great being defines the highest possible limit. It isn't arbitrary; it's the law of excluded middle. Either a maximally great being is maximally great or it is not. If something else can go over a maximally great being, then it was never maximally great to begin with.
To what I put in bold:  Exactly.  In short, something that a person believes is "maximally great" might not actually be.  Therefore, it is not incoherent to say that a supposedly "maximally great" being could be surpassed; it just means that the person describing it as "maximally great" was incorrect.  Your argument is apparently based on the idea that once you define something as "maximally great", it remains that way.  However, this cannot be guaranteed, because your argument is solely based on logic, which cannot contradict reality.  For example, the speed of light is believed to be the maximum speed that anything in the universe can go.  It is the "maximally great" speed.  But all this means is that we know of nothing that can go faster than light.  This is no guarantee that we might not discover some way to surpass it in the future.  The same, of course, applies to your argument, but more so, because there is no evidence of the "maximally great being" that your argument requires.

He doesn't actually have to state what the maximally greatest being actually is. I can say that Rudolf the red nose reindeer travels at the maximum speed. You might assume that is the speed of light, but if RTRNR travels at C2 in hyperspace, that's entirely his business, and I don't have to know anything about it.

It can be shown very easily that the Christian God is not the maximally greatest being, because he only has one begotten son. If he were maximal, he'd have 2, seriously. How's he going to save people on other planets, and in other parallel universes. If I imagine the maximally greatest being, he seems to be significantly greater than the Christian God, because parallel universes and other worlds are not mentioned in the Holy Bilge.
Chatter / Re: militarized police state
« Last post by nogodsforme on Today at 11:45:37 AM »
I read the local news article on the report, and heard the story on NPR.

Kind of stuff that middle class white people in the US don't believe can actually happen, routinely, to perfectly innocent people, or people whose "crime" was looking suspicious, or not being able to pay a traffic fine on time. And the traffic fines themselves seem bogus, where black people of all walks of life are pulled over and cited for trivial things. Then they are tied up in the court system, lose time from work, get fined more, get locked up, and even lose their jobs.

Believe it.  :(
Chatter / Re: would this signal the end of a debate
« Last post by nogodsforme on Today at 11:37:51 AM »
Everyone in the bible had substantial appliances, along with some truly kick-a$$ beards.[1]The appliances were so impressive they were compared to donkeys in some of the verses less often read aloud in Sunday school.  ;)
 1.  Even the women.True fact; the female pharoahs wore fake beards for authority purposes. Not sure about fake appliances. 
"The Death's of Others,"  a new book by Dr. John Tirman, executive director for international studies at MIT, looking at the fate of international civilians in America's wars - Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan - and how the US public views these deaths compared to international education, infrastructure, rebuilding, etc.

If you ask American students how many people died in the Vietnam War, the usual response is fifty-eight thousand, which is, of course, the American military death toll. The correct answer, which includes soldiers and many more civilians from North and South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia (and some Korean and Australian soldiers), is in the millions.
It is incoherent to say a maximally great being could be surpassed...

...And ludicrous to think that any one of us here can definitively state that any given being is maximally great.  Even if such a being existed, how do we vet its credentials?  "Maximal greatness" remains forever in the realm of hypothesis, a matter for belief rather than knowledge.
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