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Sexuality, Reproduction, & Abortion / Re: Orlando Shooting
« Last post by Mr. Blackwell on Yesterday at 09:28:34 PM »
I am back from our little 'mini' vacation. I even bought a new laptop so now I don't have to share my computer time with four other people. Now I need time to decompress from the previous three days activities and get acquainted with Windows 10.

Thanks to everyone who wished us well. I'll be back in the saddle tomorrow.
Chatter / Re: EU Referendum
« Last post by Mr. Blackwell on Yesterday at 09:15:44 PM »
I read that in the vote, younger people (especially under 30) overwhelmingly voted to stay.  That suggests that perhaps there was at least one group of people who were not dissatisfied with the idea of being part of the EU.

I don't know much about this topic either but my hunch, after reading this thread and related articles, is that perhaps the younger people were the ones who had to "google" EU to find out what they were voting for after they voted to stay in.
Reviews / Re: Rate the Last Film You Saw
« Last post by Nam on Yesterday at 08:56:15 PM »
Trumbo? There's two movies called that, never seen either one. Unless it autocorrected?

Sexuality, Reproduction, & Abortion / Re: Orlando Shooting
« Last post by Nick on Yesterday at 08:49:37 PM »
Not according to the NRA.  Training is not required.  2nd Amendment says nothing about training.  Besides even the trained are shooting each other and themselves.
Religion & Society / Re: Now I can support Donald Trump
« Last post by Nick on Yesterday at 08:47:32 PM »
So Donald has a personal relationship with Christ now.  That must have been some negotiations going on there.  Bet if you ask Donald, he will say he got the better part of the deal.  After all, he does have an amazing brain.
Sexuality, Reproduction, & Abortion / Re: Orlando Shooting
« Last post by nogodsforme on Yesterday at 08:42:54 PM »
I would be more agreeable to lots of people having firearms if they were willing to spend time getting trained on how to use them. If it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert at something, like playing an instrument,  I would think 100 hours of practice in using a gun would be useful in helping people use them in a more careful way.

That would be 2 hours of training a week for a year.

I have heard too many people say, after the latest mass shooting, that more people involved should have been armed. Ignoring the fact that trained police get rattled and freeze, or shoot the wrong person. That trained soldiers freeze under fire and cannot shoot at all, or shoot the wrong person.

But untrained civilians are assumed to be able to adequately assess a threat and shoot the right bad guy, with one accurate shot, without endangering everyone even more. Right. Too much tv.  &)

Reviews / Re: Rate the Last Film You Saw
« Last post by nogodsforme on Yesterday at 08:10:01 PM »
Trumbo 9/10.

Agree with Nam. Probably the best movie I have seen this year. Acting, direction, costumes, makeup all top notch. Like a documentary.

About the blacklist of the 1950's McCarthy Era when writers and actors and professors and lots of ordinary folks had their lives ruined by being accused of being communists.  Fear mongering by narrow-minded so-called patriots who tossed the constitution into the trash. Sound familiar? Government over reach, USA style. Why we all have to be vigilant about freedom of speech, thought, etc.  How easily those freedoms can be endangered.

I did not think I could like fake cowboy and racist a$$hole Marion John Wayne any less, but now I do. What a piece of crap he was. Also Reagan and Nixon who made careers out of fighting supposed commies. Gossip columnist Hedda Hopper, played excellently by Helen Mirren, was a cold-hearted evil witch.

Kirk Douglas, OTOH, apparently stood up against the jerks and was a stud.

Very talky, and lots of characters who kind of blurred together. I lost the narrative a few times, and Louis CK seemed like he just stepped out of 2016 into the 1950's. So no 10/10. But still head and shoulders above most movies. John Goodman steals every scene he is in. Lots of smoking. Lots and lots. Did I mention the smoking?

Go see it. And then see all the great movies the blacklisted people secretly made and did not get screen credit for.
General Religious Discussion / Re: Arguments from Reason - Aquinas
« Last post by Add Homonym on Yesterday at 07:35:41 PM »
You are missing the big picture. You are seeing the world through science and nothing but science. This is detrimental. God does not need matter, energy, nor time. God is pure spirit. Spirit is outside of time, mater, and energy.

When you present deviously edited youtubes that hint that members of the government are Satan worshippers, does that also fall under the domain of things that can't be ascertained by science, and have to be taken on faith?

Do you think there may be a boundary of responsibility at any point? Or, can you simply use this as an excuse at any point in your argument?
Too many parents give in to too many whims from too many of their children. It isn't a kids job to boss around mom and dad.

I'm not sure I understand this. Transgender isn't a matter of being whimsical, or "bossing around" a parent. It isn't a matter of having a hissy fit when you don't get what you want. As I understand it, it's a serious neurological challenge that often creates overwhelming anxiety and depression, and we're finding this neurology is present even in young children (something not recognized until recently).

From what little I do understand about transgender, individuals don't demand to be treated like a member of the other gender for fun and giggles, or to seek attention. They desire it because to identify as the member of their biological gender creates overwhelming anxiety, apparently even in children. As a parent, I wouldn't knowingly neglect my child's mental health if I was aware of a way to reduce his or her anxiety. I wouldn't feel that to be a matter of indulging foolish impulses, or being bossed around by my child. Nor can I imagine identifying as transgender any more whimsical than identifying as gay.

I hope I don't sound too dopey. I am one of those very liberal parents. I don't generally make demands of my children, and I try to help them understand certain practical skills (like the idea that you can't always get what you want) in such a way that doesn't create undue distress. I say this because I wonder if I'm just being defensive here and don't realize it.

I may not know enough about the subject to be commenting as I did. And given that we live in a society very unaccepting of differences, I don't know if the right answer is doing what the kid wants or doing what society wants. Which is more harmful: Being denied what you feel or getting tied to a fence post and beaten to death before you're twenty?

The best solution, whatever it is, is probably contrary to what the right wingnuts in this country prefer.

My jab at parents giving in to their children comes from watching helicopter parents telling their little kids its time to leave the toy store or the playground and acquiescing to the kids saying "No!" Something I've seen way too much in recent years. And it certainly isn't my job to mix up parental control issues and serious sexual identity issues. They are two different animals.

Methinks a forward thinking child psychologist would be a better source of answers than either me or skep.
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