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A woman could do everything a man could do, plus have children; both sexes worked to gather food, but only women could continue the tribe.

so men weren't necessary to "continue the tribe"...?  only women could do that...?  please explain.
Have you thought to ask your parents about this?

If you are too shy, this site might help:

And to the rest of you out there:
Please do not use big words or adult concepts - not everyone is as clever as you: try to dumb it down a little and spell things out.

Many thanks,
GB Mod

I understand.
You keep pushing ideas (like Thor) for the only reason that they are not like mine. Even if you don't believe in them.
You do well to flee instead of justifying your comportment.
Religion & Society / Is Service Being Denied?
« Last post by Nam on Today at 12:17:01 PM »

Steven Rose loves Jesus and pepperoni pizza.

But when the Searcy, Arkansas restaurateur decided to mix church and cheese it gave a group of out-of-town atheists a bad case of indigestion.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) is threatening to sue Steven after he offered a discount to customers who bring in a church bulletin. They said Bailey’s Pizza is violating the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

“The law requires places of public accommodation to offer their services to customers without regard to race, color, religion or national origin,” FFRF spokesperson Elizabeth Cavell told television station KTHV.

Steven, who opened the pizza parlor in July, told me there’s nothing nefarious about the church bulletin discount.

“It was a straight-up marketing tool to give a discount to people I love and care about – and have them come in and have lunch with me,” he said. “I thought it was a sweet idea. I didn’t say you had to go to church to get it. Go get a bulletin from your neighbor and come in and have a pizza.”

The trouble started a few weeks ago when someone posted a Facebook photo of the sign promoting the discount.

“It was from a guy whose Facebook name is Bong Hits for Jesus,” Steven told me. “It said, ‘good luck with the discrimination lawsuit.’”

Steven said he didn’t consider the post to be a credible threat -- seeing how the Facebook user’s name is “Bong Hits for Jesus.”

Two weeks later, he received the letter from the Wisconsin-based atheist group. They said that if he did not stop offering a church discount, they would “take appropriate steps.”

“I’m just selling pizzas,” Steven told me. “I love my Lord and you see it expressed all over my building – but I’m just selling pizzas.”

And he’s not kidding. The local television station reports that customers are allowed to write Bible verses on the walls. And in the center is a message from the owners “God is the center of our lives, so our scripture wall is the center of Bailey’s Pizza.”

“To me, if making a pepperoni pizza furthers the Kingdom – well I’m excited about that,” he said.
But just because Steven is a Christian business owner doesn’t mean he has a problem with non-believers.

“They’re coming at us and saying we’re discriminating,” he said. “I don’t hate anybody.”

The FFRF has a history of targeting and bullying Christian business owners. Earlier this month, a North Carolina diner dropped a discount for customers who prayed before their meal.

“We are no longer issuing the 15% praying in public discount,” read a sign posted at the Mary’s Gourmet Diner. “It is illegal and we are being threatened by lawsuit. We apologize to our community for any offense this discount has incurred.”

Why must atheist groups like FFRF be so ill-tempered?

So is it really unconstitutional for restaurants to provide religious-themed discounts? Not at all, says Hiram Sasser, director of litigation for Liberty Institute.

“In fact, if what FFRF is saying were true, restaurants and other businesses would be precluded from giving veterans and military members discounts because that would technically be discriminating based on veteran status,” Sasser tells me. “Is that what FFRF wants? Give me a break!”

The folks at Bailey’s Pizza are still not sure why the Wisconsin atheists are targeting their restaurant. 

“They may have something against my pizza,” he said.

Or maybe they’re upset because Bailey’s Pizza won’t deliver to Wisconsin. Who knows?

Whatever the reason, Steven is still contemplating what to do next. He fears a legal battle would be costly – and he’s quick to point out -- he’s no Papa John’s.

“It’s just me and my wife running this place,” he said. “I’ve got window units at my house. We’re not rich. We’re just trying to be our own bosses and be an American success story.”

Steven tells me it’s really sad that the FFRF is spending their money attack his restaurant.

“The 75 cents that somebody saves when they bring in a church bulletin – is that really what they need to be spending their money on?” he asked. “How about spending that money helping the homeless?”

For now – the church discount will remain at Bailey’s Pizza.

“As for me and my house, we’ll serve the Lord,” he told me. 

And he will also keep serving their 32 varieties of pies – from Frito chili to baked potato pizza. "We pride ourselves in crazy pies,” he said. “But I’m old school. I eat the pepperoni – that’s all I need.”

You really can’t go wrong with a large pepperoni. Just be sure to hold the anchovies – and the atheists.

I am really starting to dislike the FFRF. I mean, I currently don't really care too much for them but how is this guy being discriminatory? How is he unlike every other business that advertises?

And if the FFRF keep attacking (yes, attacking) these insignificant places and people (on the grand scheme of things) it's; as you can read in the article, just make all atheists as being petty.

How does his discount effect me? You? Them?

I'm starting to think that FFRF is a hate group. Perhaps i'm alone in that but PETA didn't start as a hate group but they clearly have been for quite awhile.


Depends on what you mean by contortion. If a contortion is an irrational interpretation, which still has loads of obvious holes in it, that allow potential converts to see the obvious flaws in Christianity, then I suppose it's fine if they terrify people with hell.
Religion In The News / Re: ISIS
« Last post by Timo on Today at 11:34:24 AM »
Quote from: Timo
Nah, they're just going by the Islamic State now.  We first got to know them as Al Qaeda in Iraq.  They later became ISI, or the Islamic State of Iraq.  Eventually that became the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or Iraq and al Sham.  Al Sham refers to Greater Syria, which is refereed to as the Levant--as in Levantine Arabic.  Hence ISIL.

Dude, learn humor. Esel is German for "ass". As in, they're just a whole bunch of asses.


Learn humor? Bro, you're trying to land a joke on an English speaking forum that relies on an understanding of German. And it's my fault that I don't get it? Fuck off.
I'm fine with whatever contortions that need to made to get believers there.

It sort of depends upon whether they believe in hell or not. You wouldn't want a bunch of Christians who reckon they've solved all the problems in the Bible, to go around preaching about hell.
Religion In The News / Re: ISIS
« Last post by screwtape on Today at 11:24:22 AM »
       While we argue whether or not evolution or god or racism exits, ISIS has beheaded an American journalist.  Of course people blame President Obama for pulling out of Iraq. But I believe we are missing the bigger picture of where this part of the world could be headed. 

From the American Conservative: ISIS is Bush’s fault, mostly.
The key decisions that enabled al-Qaeda to survive, and later to expand, were made in the hours immediately after 9/11. Almost every significant element in the project to crash planes into the Twin Towers and other iconic American buildings led back to Saudi Arabia…Yet President George W. Bush apparently never even considered holding the Saudis responsible for what happened.

If you want to clean up islamic extremists, you need to deal with the Saudis who have been propagating the ideology and financing it.  You also need to deal with Pakistan's ISI, who consider the taliban to be a key weapon for them against India and to maintian influence over Afghanistan. 

Iran could be a real ally, but we keep throwing that opportunity away.

Iran is not changing,

I'm not sure Iran needs to change a whole lot.  They may be holding a grudge a bit long, but I think given their history, their position is fairly rational.  I think a lot of our problem with Iran is our own perceptions.

Some facts on Iran

Also, since you mentioned Israel, some thoughts on that country:

Israel is becoming even more horrible.

91 year old Dutch lawyer who save a jewish boy in WW2 gives Righteous Among Nations award back to israel over gaza bombing.
His letter to israel’s ambassador is quite eloquent and evidence that he is indeed a righteous man.

A lot of the extreme islamic sentiment could be quelled if someone (the US) would influence (force) israel to deal with the palestinians in a fair way.

To clarify, I'm not commenting on whether or not Jst's reading actually works in the sense that it reflects what its original authors intended it to mean. I'm just happy that he's trying to make their explanation fit with what we actually know to be true, rather than poo-poo science because it doesn't fit with that explanation. For me, and I think I'd differ from a lot of you here, a Christianity that accepts an old earth, evolution by natural selection, woman and men as equals, the various races as equals, homosexuality as acceptable, etc is a Christianity that I really have no problems with. And I'm fine with whatever contortions that need to made to get believers there.
General Religious Discussion / Re: Why Christians' marriage is unhealthy
« Last post by YRM_DM on Today at 11:14:27 AM »
1st) The Christian religion forces people to marry as virgins. This means that they don't have any sexual experience. A lot of things could go wrong, like the guy being a closet gay.

2nd) Christians can't divorce. Which means the couple is vulnerable to abuse. The guy can for example beat the wife to death. If she leaves the relationship she's a sinner, according to God's law. A Couple can only divorce in case of cheating.

3rd) Most Christians marry early only to be able to have sex without being labeled as sinners. This means that any lack of maturity and financial stability will prove to be a real problem.

4th) Most Christians are indoctrinated to believe sex is evil. They can carry guilt throughout life, even though they're now married.

These of course are just my observations. Do you agree?

I'd agree with most of the above.

1 - Most Christians don't marry as virgins, but this compounds the guilt they have over sex.   It's just about impossible to 'hold out' in a serious relationship where you are in love, scheduled to marry, and are in the peak of your sexual drive.   This gives the church an automatic excuse for why after their teaching fails the couple, and god isn't real or doesn't intervene in any way, they can blame the couple for falling apart...  "Well, they weren't pure so God didn't bless their marriage"   Always an excuse for god why he's all good and all powerful but we don't deserve any help from him with anything.

2 - Christians believe that they can't divorce, but they divorce more often than most other groups.   What you say is kind of true.   I think the church does want to help and protect any battered women.  It's probably more true that they don't recognize that women can be abusive.  You're talking about old school, 1950s sort of guys... they're very protective of women for the most part in most american churches, which is good.   I wish it was "protective of either partner if the other was being abusive" but it's much more old school.   Like my father teaching me that even if a woman punches me, I can never raise a finger in return (and this has happened, and I did not).   But it's not really fair for women to be allowed to be abusive simply because most of them aren't as proficient at causing damage.   It should be "nobody should abuse the other" period.

What does eventually happen in abusive Christian marriages is that one or the other will try to silently suffer it out per God's instruction instead of working to maintain healthy communications and consequences and whatnot up front.   So it'll go from "we're happy" to "we're divorcing" in 60 seconds.   Because so much is repressed.

Also, since Jesus said that any kind of lustful sinful though is cheating, any couple can claim that their partner cheated, and thus they are vulnerable for divorce.   Of course they have to sob it up and make it seem like a legitimate complaint, but it could be for something like the guy checking out girls in bikinis on the beach...   so instead of having any kind of realistic expectations and talks about respect or forgiveness... it just goes right to immediate over-reaction.   

The way it works is the same way all of our companies probably have "some" reason on the books to fire each of us.   You've browsed a sport score at work on their internet, or taken a break that you weren't allotted, or came in late once or twice, or told an inappropriate joke.

Companies don't use these excuses to fire people until they want to get rid of a person, then they have a ready made excuse.   Since the problems have been repressed for years, there's no longer any time to try to work on the issue.

3 - Right, the younger you marry, the more likely you are to divorce, for a myriad of reasons including financial, and simply maturing into your adult personality.   But because you're trying as hard as you can not to "sin" you figure you should rush into marriage to avoid sin, since being obedient to God is a top priority.

4 - Absolutely true.   I know couples where the woman thought dead relatives were watching her and her husband have sex from heaven, and could therefore never feel safe or good about sex.   It was always dirty.

There's a real problem with a marriage between two sexually repressed, guilt driven people.   It causes depression and other serious problems.
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