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General Religious Discussion / Re: 2004 Tsunami
« Last post by Nick on Today at 06:04:43 PM »
There always seems to be some kind of disaster the last week to 10 days of the year.  Noticed we had another plane missing today and a boat with 450+ people on board on fire.
Chatter / Re: Tattoos
« Last post by magicmiles on Today at 05:06:03 PM »
Thanks for replying.
General Religious Discussion / Re: 2004 Tsunami
« Last post by Ron Jeremy on Today at 04:55:41 PM »
I don't know much about other religions, but I understand that the Abrahamic religions believe there was a creator of the universe, that knows everything in all times, so therefore planned this event. The god character in the bible could have easily made a planet that didn't have undersea earthquakes.

So why the tsunami? This points to there being no gods in control.
The empty tomb story is one that is late in being generated. Paul doesn't know about it and neither so any of the writers of the other letters. It is only in the gospel. In fact, Mark introduces it in his gospel of around 70CE. If it was so well known and such a knock down for those who say Jesus didn't rise, then why doesn't Paul have it?

The fact is that it is made up, later. It isn't history as, obviously, neither is the conversations of the Jewish leaders about guarding the tomb. How would the gospel writer have access to Roman and Jewish discussions? The Romans would probably have been moved out of the area some time before Mark was writing.

Here's the thing - the biblical account of Jesus seems to have been invented for the people each gospel writer was writing for and there is no independent eyewitness account of any of it. We need to establish the historicity of the story before we can use bits of the story to show anything. I mean, come on Skep, if this wasn't religion would you accept as history the accounts written 40 years later? If you like, I'll write you my account of the Nixon tapes affair in the USA which was 40 years ago. Care to guess how many facts I'd get right?
I think people forget, the big bang theory is a theory about the big bang not a theory about anything else.

it asserts that time and space expanded from denser, hotter state, and was a much simpler universe at an earlier time and it [the universe] has evolved more complex structures.

every measurement ever made confirms this with to more and more precision with every measurement.

there are several fronts all independent that can be accessed for measurement, they all support each other.

creationists never attack the measurements, they construct straw man arguments about what the big bang is not, so dishonest. they are the bottom feeders of the intellectual world.

the measurements
Time: the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.[1]

Time can't be indefinite if nothing was before the big bang. To be a constant then it never had a beginning, and it never has an end. I believe time itself existed before the big bang otherwise it can't be a constant.

gods aren't constants because they exist only by someone believing they exist.

 1. Google
if Q is is true, why not use it for the bible?
another explanation for the empty tomb, is, wait for it............because it was always empty, viola, a conjuring trick.

something can't disappear if it was never there to start with.

I researched the tomb ages ago, seems the protestants and catholics each have their own tomb that was the very one jesus was placed in, both can't ne correct, oh well.
General Religious Discussion / Re: 2004 Tsunami
« Last post by jaimehlers on Today at 03:19:15 PM »
So, Jst, are you saying that your god had nothing to do with the 2004 tsunami?

If he did have something to do with it, he is responsible for what happened as a result of it.  As your question strongly implies that he is not responsible for the people who died, it follows that he had nothing to do with it.
It is very interesting that you believe God is subject to the laws of the universe that He Himself hath created.
I think you misread her post.

However, there is a serious problem with your position here.  Your belief that God created the universe has no bearing on whether it is actually the case.  For example, for a long time, people believed that the sun revolved around the Earth as the moon did, yet we have since discovered that the opposite is actually true; the apparent motion of the sun is caused by Earth's rotation on its axis.  To put it another way, their belief that the sun revolved around the earth had no bearing on whether it was actually the case.

That is why it's important to check your beliefs against reality in a meaningful way, rather than simply assuming that they match reality, as you so clearly do.

Quote from: skeptic54768
Your post means nothing, I am sorry to say.
Bushwah, Foxy Freedom's post was way more meaningful than yours could have ever hoped to be.
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