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Chatter / Re: The War on SJWs
« Last post by eh! on Yesterday at 09:26:16 PM »
His biggest problem is he sometimes can't break things down in small enough & simple chunks in order to get his message thru the thickest skulls.
Chatter / Re: The War on SJWs
« Last post by BlackLight on Yesterday at 09:20:41 PM »

Sam was basically making generalizations on Islam. I've noticed that Sam has a problem with stepping out of his own skin and seeing the other side of a discussion. I don't think Islam or radical Islamic is the greatest threat to the world or even our civilization, I think it is Christianity. Sam can't seem to understand that the U.S., a Christian nation, is responsible for more deaths than all these Islamic groups we are trained to hate combined. But because he is the beneficiary of one side of the discussion he can't see the point against him.

How is Sam Harris a beneficiary of one side of the discussion? He's an atheist who's spent decades studying spirituality in Buddhist and other religious contexts. And he's Jewish by birth (to the extent that one can be religious by birth). The one thing he's never identified himself as is a Christian. So even if we grant your premise that Christianity is currently a greater threat to civilization than Islam (I don't), how does Sam benefit from obscuring that fact?
Chatter / Givling
« Last post by BlackLight on Yesterday at 08:23:52 PM »
Howdy all. I haven't posted in a couple years, so I fear this may come off as a tad opportunist, but I intend to start posting again, and I wanted to put this out there.

Givling is something I signed up for around two years ago. It's an online trivia game, available via browser, and also as an iOS and Android app - the goal of which is to crowdfund and ad-fund student loan and mortgage payments.

Here are the basics:

1). It's free to sign up, and you're never, ever forced to pay in money of your own.

2). Each day, you get to play once for free. You're given a series of True/False questions. Get them right, you keep playing, accruing points. Three wrong answers, and you're done for the day. You're randomly paired with 2 other players, and if you're combined scores for the day are the highest, you win a share of a daily cash prize (currently not very much - today's was $204.00).

3). If you want to play more than once per day, you can buy Coins - one for each additional play. Each Coin costs $0.50, and each purchase of coins incurs a $0.30 transaction fee (So, if you bought 10 Coins at once, it would cost $5.30).

4). Everyone who signs up is assigned a Queue Number, based on the order they signed up (mine is #21237 - they currently have over 100,000 registered users). They select 10 users at a time to enter their Live Funding Queue - to see their student or mortgage loans paid off. Three of those users are chosen in chronological order. Another three are chosen among the game's top funders (those buying Coins). And the last four are selected randomly from the pool of remaining users in a lottery system. For those last 4 users, the odds are stacked in favor of those who play their Free Play every day, interact with ads, and invite new users to join. The more often you play and get others to join up, the better chance you have of landing in the Live Funding Queue. The current funding limits are up $50,000 for student loan debt, and $25,000 for mortgage debt - but if/when the game becomes more popular, the limits could increase.

5). Givling is a start-up, and they just came out of beta testing about 8 weeks ago. The game has seen a dramatic increase in usage and funding since then (they were averaging less than 1000 players a day, now they're up around 8,000 people a day and climbing). More advertisers are signing up, and more players are playing, which means that the loans will be getting funding more and more quickly.

6). Right now, Givling is currently funding ten loans in its first Live Funding Queue - loans totaling approximately $418,000. They have funded about 28% ($117,232). Every day, it moves up a little bit more, and as more advertisers and players sign up, the rate of daily increase will, itself, increase - instead of a few hundred dollars a day, it'll be a few thousand. Until this thing blows up, it's difficult to know just how quickly these things will get paid off.

7). You don't need either an outstanding student loan or mortgage to sign up or play. If you get selected for the Live Funding Queue and you don't have either, you can sell your spot in the LFQ to another player. If you don't have a mortgage (or student loans), but anticipate having one or both in the future, signing up now would be a good idea for that reason.

8 ). Why do I care if you sign up? I don't work for Givling - I'm Just A Guy with my own student loan debt to pay off (and possibly a mortgage down the line). But if you sign up with my Invite Code (AS225966), then I earn points toward getting selected in the next Live Funding Queue (and you can invite your own friends to join and do the same). You also earn an extra Free Play, for signing up.

Some people are inherently skeptical about things like this - I get it. And some people have moral issues with the idea of people getting help to pay off their financial obligations - I understand this argument less, but I don't really want to argue with anyone about it. But if you have student loan or mortgage debt, if you like playing trivia and can spare a few minutes a day playing it, you should consider signing up.

I'm happy to field any questions. The link to the site is You can also check them out on Facebook and Twitter (@Givling) and my invite code is AS225966 - please consider using that if you decide to sign up.

Here's a recent article about the game if you want to read up:
And here's a link to a recent video about it:

(Finally, I know the board has rules about posting ads. Not sure if this is too much like one to be permitted - I thought I would take a chance. If you need to delete, I understand.)

General Religious Discussion / Re: Dealing with HELL
« Last post by eh! on Yesterday at 03:03:10 PM »
Become Jewish, you are only punished for 12 months then you get a pass on all your earthly sins.

I know you're not a believer, eh! But, it seems that if there is an eternal Hell, you laugh at that. Yet, if there's "only Hell for 12 months" you laugh at that as well.

Quite strange, don't you think?

You caught me, I confess I do laughter at both.

By the way, which one is real, 12 months or eternity?
Chatter / Re: The War on SJWs
« Last post by The Gawd on Yesterday at 01:34:12 PM »
I have work until 1pm.  Will respond better after. 

I do wonder this: why didn't Obama help his people.  I would not have thought of him badly for doing it.  They fucking need it.  Even in my little Asheville housing projects are wrought with violence and drugs.  I don't care about pot but they're dealing crack and cocaine. 

Gawd,  Sam had good points in that interview.  He tried very hard to share facts and stats to explain police brutality. 

Do you know who George Lowry is?  Sam has a discussion with him you might find interesting.   
Who are "Obama's people" and how should he have "helped" them? The DOJ doing investigations into police departments is help. When you look at the findings of those studies and then look at what Sam Harris was saying you clearly see that Sam Harris is simply ignorant and unable to see the arguments against his "points".

It takes critical thought JB. Why are your PJ's in Asheville wrought with violence and drugs?
Science / Re: On being a psychopath
« Last post by Emma286 on Yesterday at 01:17:43 PM »
I can imagine that must have been a pretty scary way to grow up!
Probably less than you think, honestly. It was my idea of normal - dad had an unpredictable temper, but he didn't get violent very often - four or five times that I can recall. We all just learned to gauge his temper by his facial expressions and behavior - imperfect, but the best tool we had - and adjusted ourselves in the way that made each of us individually less likely to be a target. He was a mean fucker, mean in ways that are hard to explain. Any display of weakness or hurt feelings had the potential to become a weapon in his hands. That part really sucked.

Thanks for explaining Jag. I guess that meant that you still felt you could never entirely be yourself around him though. That must have been difficult at times.  :(

I take it he and your mother didn't stay together?
No, they didn't. They separated and divorced when I was a teenager.

I feel bad for your mother too. I imagine it was very tough on her.  :(

There's no question that my life is better when he isn't part of it. Hell, I'm better when he is absent. It was kind of hard to explain to my kids as I slowly pushed him entirely out of our lives, and they only came to really get it enough as they became adults themselves.

Can well imagine I'd feel just the same way.

I guess although he was really mean, he wasn't dangerous?
General Religious Discussion / Re: Having it both ways
« Last post by wheels5894 on Yesterday at 12:37:50 PM »
Skep - You  use the term God's Plan in your posts. It comes across as a "whitewash phrase" when you seem to lack an explanation.  I was wondering if you would share with us your knowledge about God's Plan? If we understood this better it would help us a great deal.

Isn't this used in terms a master Plan for the whole universe - creation to end - to which an unchanging god adheres? If it does, then it rules out any point of praying and, of course, it removes free will for the poor humans on earth (and maybe on other planets in other solar systems as well).

If that isn't what it means then it seems to me to be a synonym for 'God's mysterious acts'  a phrase which we have oft times shown to be nothing more that 'I have no idea' wrapped up in pretty words!
General Religious Discussion / Re: Dealing with HELL
« Last post by ThatZenoGuy on Yesterday at 10:58:30 AM »
How do you do it?  How do you live knowing a loved one was not saved and is in Hell?

Many ways you could go around it.

Use the default position, and have no belief in hell.

Make hell a nice place, because hey, who says satan is bad? God? The murderer?

Make no one go to hell, because why would a loving god do that?

And more.
General Religious Discussion / Re: Having it both ways
« Last post by stuffin on Yesterday at 09:33:53 AM »
Skep - You  use the term God's Plan in your posts. It comes across as a "whitewash phrase" when you seem to lack an explanation.  I was wondering if you would share with us your knowledge about God's Plan? If we understood this better it would help us a great deal.
General Religious Discussion / Re: Dealing with HELL
« Last post by junebug72 on Yesterday at 08:05:29 AM »
How do you do it?  How do you live knowing a loved one was not saved and is in Hell?

I would imagine it's painful and hurtful. But, you eventually have to get over it. Like a parent who disowns a child with a drug problem who's relapsed time and time again.

If you exile a child with a drug problem you are making it worse not better.  I'm of the notion childhoods explain a lot of drug problems.  Overbearing father's and mean mothers make their kids turn to drugs.   Your God is Overbearing inso much as He expects too much if real. 

Why did God create drugs Skep?
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