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Chatter / Re: Guess what that word/phrase means in English
« Last post by nogodsforme on Today at 03:41:56 PM »
Hoosiers!  ;D


Oh, never mind. Stupid throwback to the Playboy bunny era.....
Chatter / Re: militarized police state
« Last post by nogodsforme on Today at 03:40:10 PM »

Isn't there one where they shoot arrows, too?
Chatter / Re: Guess what that word/phrase means in English
« Last post by Defiance on Today at 03:39:10 PM »
So is Thor. I can't wait to meet him. I am just as likely to meet Thor at some point during my life as I am of meeting the gods skeptic, Jst and Lukvance believe in .
Are you ready to defend the fact that Thor is (at least) as real as love?
If not, why the reply?

You know what? Thor is imaginary. Thor is a made up fictional character. He is not a real being--some artist drew him and some actor dresses up like the drawing. He only appears in movies and in cartoons. He does not now exist and never has existed in reality. He was never a real being who walked the earth. Thor has no actual physical form--no blood, hair, skin or eyeballs. He is imaginary. That means that when people stop thinking about him, he disappears. Forever. Poof. Gone. Like all the thousands of obsolete gods that nobody believes in anymore.

Love is an emotional reaction physically produced by chemicals in the brain. As long as there are brains and the right chemicals, there will be love. There are no "thor" chemicals in the brain. Thor is not an emotion. He is an imaginary fictional character.

I don't know what more I can say here.

Except that Thor is hawt.
General Religious Discussion / Re: Does prayer cure Ebola?
« Last post by Defiance on Today at 03:35:30 PM »
This guy can't be serious.
my "god" is the Post Reply window of the WWGHA website.  the proof you seek of the existence of my "god" is the fact that you are reading this reply right now.

did i win...?
General Religious Discussion / Does prayer cure Ebola?
« Last post by relativetruth on Today at 03:27:29 PM »
Dr Kent Brantly thinks it does
see this
and this

In other radio newscasts that I have heard in the UK he has being quite pointed that
He would not have survived were it not for the hundreds of thousands (or even more) prayers that God received on his behalf.

To his credit he does acknowledge the extreme human effort from hospital staff etc that contributed to his survival.

He gives passing reference to ZMAPP which many doctors believe was the main source of his cure?

Also ZMAPP was created using biogenetic technologies.

How convenient that modern science and technology happen to merge with God to save this ONE Doctor!!!

^^^Thanks for the backup.

There is so much more information available online nowadays about average salary ranges for various jobs that there is no reason to go into an interview unprepared. Just knowing what people of your skills are earning at different levels is useful.

Similar low salary mechanisms are in effect for people of color, who are more desperate for good jobs and way more likely to undervalue themselves in salary negotiations. Women of color, esp. latinas, are the worse paid at every level of skill and education when compared to white men, white women and men of color.[1]

Anecdotally and with a bit of research behind it, employers know that they can get women and minorities for cheaper. (Of course that works even more for non-citizens!) This puts white men at a disadvantage in hiring as the workplace becomes more diverse, because they are generally far better negotiators. Why hire the white male lawyer who expects $20,000 more starting salary than the black female lawyer if both are equally qualified candidates?

A level playing field, where everyone knows what they are worth and is ready to negotiate hard for their salary-- and nobody is so much more desperate for a job that they are willing to undervalue themselves-- benefits all workers. 

Workers of the world unite! We have nothing to lose but low salaries! Solidarnosc forever!

Ahem. Sorry. The commie mommie part busted out for a moment. ;D
 1. I think that, somewhere in our collective historical psyches, we are so happy not to be picking crops, cleaning or cooking (or hooking) for a living that we brown-skinned females accept much lower pay for professional jobs than we should.
I'm willing to grant that the various holy texts were at least attempts to explain how things came about.  However, there is no good reason to simply assume they're literally true because they're supposedly directly from the mouth of a god.  What's in them should be compared to things we've discovered through other means to check their veracity; unfortunately, what much more frequently happens is that other things we've discovered are checked against the words in holy texts and accepted or discarded based on how closely they coincide and whether any differences can be rationalized away.  Otherwise you get movements like creationism, which seek to discredit things that contradict their particular interpretation, and which have a huge capacity for splitting hairs.
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