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General Religious Discussion / Re: Kama Sutra
« Last post by nogodsforme on Today at 03:29:27 PM »
From what I understand about ancient societies, for the first couple millennia of humanity, female goddesses dominated religious thought (think fertility cults). No writing from that time period, just lots of art-- like stone statues of pregnant female goddesses. For a long time, people did not make images of anything else! Fertility was that important. Women were really powerful and magical priestesses kept the world ticking along.

Sex was part of public fertility parties, and people traced their parentage through the female line (how else would you do it if you were the product of an orgy?). Polytheism ruled. Women kept their important farming, animal husbandry, healing and birthing secrets away from male eyes.

If a woman had written anything from that time, it might have been a female oriented Kama Sutra. Like, if you want the world to keep ticking along, you have to do this stuff to keep the womenfolks (and the goddesses) happy. Then the rains will come, the food will grow and the animals will make babies.

Not until religion coincided with patriarchy (and individual property ownership, where who your father is really mattered) did male gods like Zeus and Yahweh take precedence. Not surprisingly, male-oriented religions pounded the powerful magical females into submission. "Do not suffer a witch to live", women as property and so on.

Wicca is one modern-day attempt to reclaim that ancient female-powered magical stuff.
Testimonials / Re: The Real Junebug
« Last post by Nam on Today at 03:24:43 PM »
Quote from: jaimehlers
At this point, you have made it quite blatantly clear that you are not interested in listening to me...

She's not interested in listening to anyone here.

She doesn't even listen to herself here because if she did, she'd remember her own statements.


People get sent to jail for all sorts of different things. It's basically chaos. You know why? Because people are getting away from the divine law so they don't know what's right and wrong. They are playing a dangerous man-made-morality game.

Ah... a man made morality game? Really? Like Paul and Peter changing the rules for new Christian's so that they don't have to be circumcised? Like the churches all supporting slavery until the UK and the USA banned it and since then they have argued against slavery? This god dude sure doesn't know what he wants.

Then again, how many Christian denominations are there? It's quite a lot and they all disagree on something important idea of doctrine or the will of god. Probably the only things they agree on are that the JWs and Mormons aren't Christian. So who knows t=what they are supposed to believe and if it is right. Surely you are not saying that an omnipotent god would make everything so messy are you?

So, really, with that degree of mess, it looks more like there is not a god than there is one - especially as it is so hard to discern what religion and what denomination actually knows that god wants in the holy book.
Testimonials / Re: The Real Junebug
« Last post by Dante on Today at 02:48:09 PM »
This thread has certainly lived up to it's moniker.

Bravo to all invloved.
Testimonials / Re: The Real Junebug
« Last post by junebug72 on Today at 02:37:26 PM »
Big time question dodger.  Big time.  You revealed too much. 

I already did report it to the moderator.  I doubt that biased bunch will do anything about it.  Hell the damage is done now. 

You prove me right when you can not even accept responsibility for any mistake you've made.  One of which was obvious.  You know the misquote.

You run because I'm right and you can't handle it.
Testimonials / Re: I don't want to be atheist or religious!
« Last post by junebug72 on Today at 02:26:43 PM »
As I stated in the other topic, I have washed my hands of you.  I cannot get through to you with words; therefore, the only acceptable option left is to cease to interact with you.

Goodbye, junebug.  May our paths never cross again.

That's just nasty.  Dishonest words usually don't work well.  Atheism don't work well. 

Yea I would run too if that was the best I could do.  Atheism seems to cause cowardliness.  No I will not be a coward.

No bring your chicken butt back here and prove you are not telling lies or apologize for treating me this way or my point is made. 

I'm not going through 2000 some posts to prove you wrong.  You are the accuser and I'm innocent until proven guilty BY A JURY OF MY PEERS.

You're leaving proves you can not do that and I'm still standing better than I ever did, feeling like a little kid,  do do dodo


Not a single rational rebuttal with the exception of MrJason and I think it was Betelnut but then she agreed that I'm a vile attention whore and lives by more rules than me, so that just leaves Mrjason as the only responder here with any integrity.

Nope not one single person could say they're perception is better for me than to not be atheist or theist.  I'm positual.
I don't think the problem is a scientist believing in god, frank. Many do. But an evolutionary scientist, teaching at a major university, not believing in evolution, and instead thinking that the biblical creation story is a correct reporting of the facts, is inconsistent. Students learning about evolution from this man cannot possibly experience an eager, enthusiastic, motivated professor when they attend his class.
Chatter / Re: Ferguson
« Last post by ParkingPlaces on Today at 02:09:15 PM »
The problem in the Brown case in Ferguson and many other shooting is that we don't know what made Brown mad, but it is quite likely that he was getting tired of being harassed by the cops. Would a white kid in a middle class neighborhood have gotten the same "get off the street" words yelled at him? Would a white kid have the same history of being harassed by the police as Brown and many other black males have? I don't think so. And what the white community is asking black men to go all Gandhi on their own asses and never complain, never do anything but cower, and never, never lose their temper at the constant harassment.

As a non-violent example, I was reading a recent story where a black reporter for a major new outlet, wearing an expensive suit, walked in to a large office building in New York to do an interview and was stopped and searched by security while his white camera man, carrying tons of equipment, wearing jeans and a t-shirt, was allowed through without question.. As an individual incident, that is minor. But if it is the norm (and it is), then there is no reason for the black community (or any other minority community similarly hassled) to take it sitting down.

Each person has a different flash point. Michael Brown's was apparently being harassed at one too many times, and many have paid the price for his angry response. Including him.

If the US cannot confront the reality of prejudicial treatment 50 years after the passage of the civil rights act, we are losing our qualifications as a civilized country. And until we can confront the realities of economically enforced poverty of the sort that every poor neighborhood, black or white or hispanic endures, we have no right to demand perfect behavior and complete contrition from those we otherwise ignore.
does evolution address why there is an existence...?

Nope, nor does it even try, because that's not it's job. It does, however, explain the how's and why's of the diversity of life.

correct.  so then, why is it that some posters on this thread find it difficult to understand how a evolutionary biologist could believe in a creator...? 
i was a newbie not too long ago... and here's what i think.  about 60% of posters here are smart, well read, know what they're talking about (for the most part) and can articulate their thoughts (whether they're right or wrong - but mostly wrong).  the other 40% are dumb fucks.  i have a member breakdown of who falls into the "smart" category and who falls into the "dumb fuck" category if anyone is interested. 
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