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General Religious Discussion / Re: What is the will of Jehovah?
« Last post by junebug72 on Today at 08:41:03 AM »

Actually, I'll bet that she DOES know what she's getting at. But getting her to tell US what she's getting at, well, that's where we tend to encounter problems and resistance. No worries, it'll all end up being our fault no matter how it goes, so I'm not sure that knowing what she's getting at is going to matter much in the end. We should just accept that we're guilty of ... something or other, and move on.  :)

I do have over 2000 posts that says otherwise.  Simple sentences.  Maybe, just maybe you were too busy telling me I was wrong to understand me.,25560.msg572577.html#msg572577,25104.msg573589.html#msg573589,25104.msg563687.html#msg563687,25104.msg563941.html#msg563941,25104.msg563948.html#msg563948,25104.msg564205.html#msg564205

All these links are atheists understanding me.  Except 1 and it's me explaining myself in simple term non complicated terms.

General Religious Discussion / Re: What is the will of Jehovah?
« Last post by junebug72 on Today at 07:43:07 AM »
junebug, if you don't care whether your self described "rogueanist" belief is true or not then just say so and be done with it.

I care very much if it is true.  That's why I'm here.  You all debate me like I'm a Christian/religious and I'm not.  So I haven't been discouraged. 

My perception comes from complexity and nature.  It comes from questioning everything.  I question theism and I question atheism.  I question questioning.  :laugh:

What is unorthodox about my perception? 
I would kill everyone who is suffering. Problem solved.

That would also make a huge dent in global warming, climate change, urban sprawl, poaching, starvation, and all kinds of other man made problems. Traffic would be clear so you could drive anywhere at any time, you wouldn’t have to wait in line at the movie theaters and maybe... just maybe everyone could keep their freaking mouths shut and phone off during the movie. Your chances to get the job of your dreams would greatly increase and you wouldn’t have to even be good at it! What are they gonna do? Replace you with another human? No because we killed off most of them! :D

But what do I know I am just a dreamer.

And don’t worry if you or your loved ones are suffering we will spare you because you are awesome. I saw a whole thread on that...

Alrighty Then. ;)

Good example: Biblegod  loves everyone but according to the Bible, Qur'an, Torah/Tanakh: creates the most suffering.

So, to it: suffering is love.


We're not listening to it.  We don't believe in that stuff.  Suffering is not love; it is the opposite.  It is man made.
Advocating for "Dying with Dignity" policies.

Beyond that, suffering is a byproduct of something else, so:
"Suffering" is unfortunately too general a term. I'd need a better definition before looking for a solution.

You have my total support on that endeavor!

Let's start with poverty.  I left it open because I know we all have different causes.   I think that would also reduce violence.
"Suffering" is unfortunately too general a term. I'd need a better definition before looking for a solution.

You can chose your poison Wright.  Me I'm against violence, greed and discrimination.

All I can do is not be violent, greedy or discriminating.  I know I have to be the changes I want to see.  I donate unused things to local charities all the time.  I will not shop at Walmart or buy fast food.  I go to nursing homes and sing for the patients.  I recycle.  I do everything I can to conserve energy. 

It's only from love that I do these things.
Love is not enough.  Love has to lead to meaningful action.

Looking at the big picture, and setting up multi-year plans to rid the Earth of a particular problem -- War, disease, poverty -- all too often degenerates into a series of well-meaning committees that lack the will to actually do something about the problem.  Case in point:  Recently in the Canadian media, a much-touted "plan to end child poverty" came up on its 25-year anniversary.  The plan is a failure -- The number of children living in poverty has increased by one-third, from 1 million to 1.3 million.  Good intentions don't put bread on the table.

I also don't think that suffering can be "cured," only eased.  And there's nothing wrong with easing suffering.  It's far and away better than bemoaning the evils of the world but staying one's hand because you can't eradicate them all.

This weekend I'm going to do My part by rounding up scarves, mittens and other warm things for one of the city's resources for the homeless.  I suggest everyone reading this thread do something similar at the first possible opportunity:  In support of any organization or individual you care about, find out what they need the most and then help them fill that need.

Love is a verb isn't it?  I know my definition is.  I should have been more clear.  You are awesome.
the bible is the word of god because the bible says the bible is the word of god.

what more do you need?
What did Jesus do after the resurrection?

So why no Gospel according to Jesus?

The WHOLE Bible is HIS Word! He is the Word.

How do you know this? What are your reasons for saying it?
General Religious Discussion / Re: does prophecy negate free will
« Last post by wheels5894 on Today at 05:19:08 AM »
if god says to X that Y shall come to pass, does that mean the characters involved are just automatons executing the program.

No! Cause you/we don't know the outcome.

How come, Thinker? If god has said spotlighting will happen then the people involved become mere actors in a script doing what god said. They don't have free will in this case.
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