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General Religious Discussion / Re: Christians, please explain
« Last post by Star Stuff on Today at 10:56:42 PM »
In addition, I would want to point out that the video linked in my OP begins at just over 2000 years ago, so it doesn't even show all of the millions (billions?) of humans who lived long before that over a very long period of time all over the planet.  Reflect on the fact that there were humans on the continent we now call Australia 50,000 years ago!
Or why not simply make it so none of those destined for hell are ever born to start with? God apparently causes a pretty significant percentage of pregnancies to end in miscarriage anyway. No pesky free-will issues; just that the people actually born will be the ones who will naturally make the right choices. And all those unborn embryos can squeak through the age of accountability loophole (well, unless the sects which believe any unbaptized soul goes to hell turn out to be right) without ever being in a position to commit even the tiniest sin.

Of course, that might mean that there would be vast areas of the world where no pregnancy ever resulted in a baby. At least in this day and age. But if god had used this tactic all along it would have all evened itself out. People would still continue using their free will to sin right and left, but only those destined to accept Jesus would ever be born, and they would be forgiven.

Sounds like a win-win for God.

^^^It's called human nature.

I refrained from asking MM why god was not taking care of his family problems. Did not seem appropriate or nice. My non-judgmental social worker persona kicked in. Most of my clients were highly, devoutly religious. They sent money from their welfare checks to Jerry Falwell. And as far as I could tell, god had never done jack sh!t for any of them. They were all being tested, like Job. &)

Same as the people in poor villages that I worked with overseas. They were humble and honest and hardworking and dirt poor-- like folks right out of the bible. And god was screwing them right and left on a daily basis.   >:(

I still help people in need, because their lives suck. And most of them are very religious.

Then there is me-- a really nice life both in historical terms and by global standards. Far better off than my clients or my 3rd world friends. And I don't worship, believe or pray or anything. God has rewarded me greatly for my heathen ways. Go figure. :P
General Religious Discussion / Re: Christians, please explain
« Last post by nogodsforme on Today at 09:48:40 PM »
I do not "decline to share" in god-belief. I am incapable of sharing in it.

Just like I am incapable of sharing in a belief in Bigfoot, alien abduction, ghosts, the mummy's curse, demons, Klingons, chubacabras, Tinkerbell, bakas, genies who live inside of magic lamps and grant wishes, departed spirits who speak through Ouija boards, psychic healers who pull diseased organs out of people with their bare hands, horse whisperers, or beanstalks with castles and giants at the top. I am not able to believe in things that are blatantly untrue or have no evidence whatsoever to support them.

To say that I "decline to share" in religious belief makes it sound as if there is a real god is sitting there, Yoda-like, clearly visible and large as life, floating in front of me like a turkey on a giant platter.  Everyone around me can also see and hear him-- other people, no matter what religion, all describe god the same exact way as I see him.

He is tells me all these marvelous things about the universe, like how to predict earthquakes, and how to develop a vaccine for malaria. I create the vaccine and warn people about upcoming earthquakes. And so on. Millions of lives are saved. I thus have plenty of concrete, convincing evidence that he is the real deal. And after all that, I walk away, shaking my head at this very obvious, visible, incredibly knowledgeable god person, saying, "No thank you, god. I see you and I hear you. I know that you have proven to me that you are the real deal. But because I am arrogant, stubborn and like to sin, I decline to share in believing in you."

That is such a silly scenario that it was actually hard for me to type it out. There is nothing like that wise, useful god that everyone can see and hear clearly. There is no evidence or proof. There are only imaginary stories in old books, wishful thinking, complicated nonsensical arguments, occasional coincidences, plus the human ability to pretend that things are real when they are not.

I am supposed to agree to the existence of a invisible powerful magical being because it says so in a book, and because it would be nice if it was real? I would rather believe in Aladdin's genie or Tinkerbell, then. To my knowledge, neither ever advocated slavery or genocide.
The writers of the Koran and the Book of Mormon are living proof of divine inspiration,the Christians just don't want to accept it.
Why do people buy one direction albums?

You'd have to ask my daughter. She has even gone to their concerts.  :P

But I think Mr. B was saying that god makes a heaven and then has rules for entry nobody can possibly fulfill because he is a dictator who likes to torment and torture his subjects. Like a sadistic kid burning ants.
General Religious Discussion / Re: Christians, please explain
« Last post by Star Stuff on Today at 09:18:37 PM »
Could you kindly elaborate? What did God do, or what did He fail to do, that you deem it to be the "absolute worst job possible?"

Sure, I'd be happy to elaborate, although I find it odd that further elaboration should be required.
According to one of the foundational tenets of Christianity, getting "saved" (a purely nonsensical, superstitious, infantile concept) and getting into "heaven" (a purely childish, superstitious concept), require accepting God's "son" (what is this - Bonanza!?) as your personal lord & saviour.  It's clearly spelled out in your bible (that ridiculous book you've been hypnotized by): John 14: 6 "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."

So it is unambiguously clear that knowing of, believing in and accepting as personal lord & saviour this Jesus character is the ONLY way to get a ticket into eternal bliss and avoiding eternal torture, yet, your god fully ignored giving this option to the majority of humanity because they were born at the wrong place & time.  So either your god is completely inept, insane, or imaginary, take your pick.

There is certainly nothing irrational about a belief in God if that is what you are implying.

Yes there is.

The fact that you and others decline to share in that belief does not make it irrational.

That is true. It is irrational all by itself.  The fact that a whole bunch of people hold this belief does not make it rational either, this logical fallacy is known as "argumentum ad populum", but I'm sure you know that already.

General Religious Discussion / Re: Christians, please explain
« Last post by velkyn on Today at 08:56:42 PM »
BS, considering your god said that anyone who doesn't worship it "Correctly" is damned to eternal torture, I do hope you can figure out what it did wrong in announcing itself to ignorant men in one tiny area.

You know, why was this god so stupid not to use "mass communication"?  And then blame humans for its omniscien/omnipotent failure? 
Chatter / Re: ECT -
« Last post by velkyn on Today at 08:53:46 PM »
was one step from trying it to treat my husband's bipolar.  Finally found a cocktail of drugs that work very well.
It appears that MM has abandoned the thread, or is at least doing his best to ignore it.  I do wonder about someone who can't support his claims, who is sure that atheists are wrong and then runs to them for help with his family.  What is up with that? 
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