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a real person I am debating who has a real job with responsibility, drives a real car, has a real iPhone, influences real people in real communities said this;

"...Name one place where God tells Christians to kill unbelievers?  To the contrary, Jesus` says love your enemies, pray for them.

In the OT, during the days prior to the flood, the world was filled with evil, all men, spare a few, had evil thoughts.  In fact, the Devil's angels had mated with human women (and it is happening again today) to create Nephilims..  So when God picked Noah, He did so, because Noah's bloodline was pure and eventually the line of David would birth the Messiah.

All though the OT Satan tried to  thwart Gods plans.  Those that God told to kill were truly evil.  We cannot comprehend nor understand, because we don't have all the details."
skep bro, please direct me to this scripture, not kidding around;

God did not rape Mary. Mary is quoted in the Bible saying that it's OK."
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Perhaps God revealed Himself to me because I proved myself to Him.
I can't tell you what I did or how I did it, but perhaps I did it nonetheless.

So you have proved yourself "worthy" and the rest of the universe has not?

Demons 7 billion. God 1. An interesting score.

According to the Saul/Paul you have been led astray by demons into thinking you have to prove yourself. Saul/Paul said it is not by your own merit but by the grace of god.

Do you want to change your story to agree with the bible or do you want to start your own religion?
God doesn't show Himself because He doesn't have to prove Himself to you.

You have to prove yourself to Him!

What does God owe us? Absolutely nothing.

Perhaps God revealed Himself to me because I proved myself to Him.
I can't tell you what I did or how I did it, but perhaps I did it nonetheless.

Proved my worthiness, not my existence.

That's why you have to believe in Jesus and you get your Free Ticket to Paradise. No more guessing games. It's so simple anyone can do it, and that's the beauty of it! Everyone can! Simply. Easily. Swiftly.

Dear Skep,

I don't know what your 'version' of Christianity is but, seriously, get your theology straight.

According to you, yourself, anyone can do it, it's so simple; believe in Jesus. So anyone would be able to ask for god to reveal himself:

Matthew verse 7:7-8, KJV:
"Ask , and it shall be given you; seek , and ye shall find ; knock , and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth ; and he that seeketh findeth ; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened."

Also, John 14:9, KJV: "He that hath seen me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, Show us the Father?". Thus, through Christ, god is revealed, and according to you; anyone can so simply believe in Christ.

So, where in the bible do you read that you first have to 'prove your worthiness' in order for god to reveal himself to you? Where in the bible do you read that you first have to 'prove your worthiness' and then Christ will be revealed to you? This is in direct contradiction with what I quoted you saying about the free gift. I hope you realize that if this were true, the free-gift story wouldn't sell one bit.

I am very curious, I can't find any verse which supports your view, or did you just rewrite the bible?[1]
 1. And no, 2 Timothy 2:15 doesn't count because nowhere does that verse say that doing so will lead to god revealing himself to you. It even says 'rightly to divide the word of truth', i.e. no room for altering it obviously.
Christians; If I doubt the Sun exists, I can go outside and stare into the big yellow thing for a minute. I will then be unable to refuse to acknowledge its existence. I will have no choice in the matter. Regardless of my beliefs, I will be forced to admit that the Sun exists.

How do I the same for your god to the same standard? How will I be unable to refuse to acknowledge its existence? Because at the moment, it appears that a non-sentient ball of hot gas is more able to make its existence known than your god is.
I used Nogodsforme (thanks!) three questions and most of the post on a FB debate, thought you might like to see the response;

Me; "On the matter of your god hiding; Let's assume the god exists and wants everyone to know he exists. If there was such a being, we all would know he exists.

There would be no way to not know, positively, that he existed. There would be no atheists who do not believe he exists, or "agnostics" who are not sure if he exists. We would all know that there was a god, the way we all know that the Sun exists. Other than the severely mentally ill, there are no atheists or agnostics on the existence of the Sun.
But two thirds of the planet think your god is imaginary.

So, we are left with three options;

1) The god exists, but is not powerful enough to let everyone know about him.
2) The god exists, but does NOT want everyone to know about him
3) The god does not exist, so there is no god to know about.

Which one is it?"

Christian; "Just looking at the 3 options above. None of them are right. God makes his presence abundantly clear, but so many people are simply too spiritually thick to see him. Or will simply argue against him cos that's what they like to do. Stupid argument. Of course God is real. This is a timewaster."
Ah, the evidence for Jesus. Where do we find it? Where can we look? Well, let's think....

1. We could read the letters of Paul - not an eyewitness to any events


2. We could read the gospels, written quite a bit later by those who were not eyewitnesses and who account differ quite a bit.

Where else could we look? Ah, I have it - we look inside ourselves and we contemplate Jesus and, eventually, we have our brain trained so that it appears to us that Jesus speaks to us even though it is actually our sub-conscious brain talking. I suppose then we have found Jesus. It is the real Jesus and it will advise us on actions and things but it lacks something. The 'Jesus-in-the-brain' is just that. It has no power, it can't save anyone and it can't fix the old everlasting life in heaven bit at all. Maybe Marx was right 'religion is the opiate of the people'.

"I have analyzed the evidence for jesus years ago. I used to have pages of bookmarks to show atheists on various forums. Then one day my computer crashed because of a virus and I lost the links and couldn't find them anymore."

eh / god moves in mysterious ways, invented that virus and sent it to your computer, mysterious ways indeed.

skepo / You could probably find them if you were truly interested in finding out about Jesus.

eh/ I am truly interested, show me, don't tell me about your computer virus.

skepo /  But, most likely you don't want to find out.

eh / wrong, it is the most important question ii can think of in my life and the life of those I love, just show me the evidence already

skep / You just want to make jokes about me on this forum to score points with your internet atheist buddies.

eh / wrong, I don't even like most of these people, I just want the truth.

skepo / it shouldn't be that way.

agreed, so show me the evidence

God doesn't show Himself because He doesn't have to prove Himself to you.

But you say he did to you. Just not to other people.

That is the problem for you guys, isn't it?

Perhaps God revealed Himself to me because I proved myself to Him.
I can't tell you what I did or how I did it, but perhaps I did it nonetheless.

weren't you a drug addict with a sick dog right before your conversion if I remember your story correctly - that the kind of proof god is looking for before he writes messages in blood on a wall??

why does the omniscient god need proof of anything - he already knows everything......unless he is not omniscient.

please post the scripture of mary giving god consent to impregnate her in her sleep.

how old do you think the lass was when god entered her?

why did he need to "do it" while she slept, I mean I know people that prefer the lights out but while your partner is sleeping????

he could have taken her to dinner at the inn  first, flowers, a burning bush perhaps, some goat meat, manna....not a very good role model for the youth.
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