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Strange though. I speak of equality plus from a male POV of following the law of the sea, --- that women and children should be set above men, so to speak, first to the life boats, --- here on land as a part of man's duty to his family, --- but women do not seem to like that part.

None have changed my view of my duty but I am perplexed.

Any insight as to why women would refuse or dislike to be given that same privilege here?

Because they see it as being patronized, perhaps?

Could that be why feminism is so slow to move men to even give  ordinary equality?


Isn't it more likely that some men feel threatened by women being more assertive in pursuing gender equality?
Science / Re: Schrödinger's cat is caught on camera!
« Last post by Graybeard on Today at 06:57:23 PM »
Brilliant use of entanglement.
Religion & Society / Shunning
« Last post by shnozzola on Today at 06:54:44 PM »
I thought this was interesting.

Shunning can be the act of social rejection, or emotional distance. In a religious context, shunning is a formal decision by a denomination or a congregation to cease interaction with an individual or a group, and follows a particular set of rules. It differs from, but may be associated with, excommunication.

Prior to the Code of Canon Law of 1983[citation needed], the Catholic Church expected in rare cases (known as excommunication vitandi) the faithful to shun an excommunicated member in secular matters.

Shunning occurs in Old Order Amish and some Mennonite churches.[citation needed] Shunning can be particularly painful for the shunned individuals in these denominations, which are generally very close-knit, as the shunned person in extreme cases may have no significant social contact with anyone other than those in their denomination. Shunning is only practiced against persons who joined the church through adult baptism. Family members who never joined the church are not shunned.
Upon taking instruction classes, each applicant must make a confession to uphold shunning of all excommunicated adult members, and also submit to being shunned if they are excommunicated. The stated intention is not to punish, but to be used in love to win the member back by showing them their error. (Ref Johns Hopkins Press, below).

The Amish call shunning Meidung, the German word for avoidance. Shunning was a key issue of disagreement in the Amish-Mennonite split. Former Amish Ruth Irene Garrett provides an account of Amish shunning in her community from perspective of shunned individuals in Crossing Over: One Woman's Escape from Amish Life. Amish shunning is also the subject of popular fiction novels. Different Amish communities vary in the severity and strictness of shunning employed.

Jehovah's Witnesses
 -  practice a form of shunning which they refer to as "disfellowshipping

Cherem is the highest ecclesiastical censure in the Jewish community. It is the total exclusion of a person from the Jewish community.

Members of the Bahá'í Faith are expected to shun those that have been declared Covenant-breakers, and expelled from the religion.

Church of Scientology:
 -  asks its members to quit all communication with Suppressive Persons (those whom the Church deems antagonistic to Scientology).

Al Wala' Wal Bara' is an Arabic phrase. Within the context of Islam, the phrase means, on one hand, drawing near to what is pleasing to Allah and His Messenger and, on the other hand, withdrawing from what is displeasing to Allah and His Messenger.

The Way International is a nontrinitarian non-denominational Christian ministry based in New Knoxville, Ohio
 - "Mark and Avoid" is a term for a form of shunning involving the separation of certain people from the main body of followers in the Way. The term is derived from the Biblical passage Romans 16:17 (King James Version)

In non-diplomatic usage, referring to someone as persona non grata is to say that he or she is ostracized. Such a person is for all intents and purposes culturally shunned, so as to be figuratively nonexistent.

Banned - Banned persons
The imperial ban was a form of outlawry in the Holy Roman Empire. At different times, it could be declared by the Holy Roman Emperor, by courts like the League of the Holy Court (Vehmgericht) [fém-g????t] or the Reichskammergericht, or by the Imperial Diet. People under imperial ban lost all their rights and possessions and anyone was allowed to rob, injure or kill them without legal consequences. The imperial ban automatically followed the excommunication of a person, as well as extending to anyone offering help to a person under the imperial ban.

Banned WWGHA - refused membership on the website, but not as strong as the imperial ban in the Roman Empire.

Okay, greatest, I have to give you a darwin for the part about fat women and harnesses. I am a rather large black woman myself, and I very well might squash you, depending, as you say, on the position. My husband is skinny, and we produced at least one child, so you would have to consult him.

Especially when the negative smite was from someone who labled feminists (and I include myself in that category) with the adjective "hairy" as if this was 1973 and all feminists are required to look like Andrea Dworkin or something.

Peace, love and hairiness, baby.  :-*

I appreciate any attention from feminists. We tend to get along.

Strange though. I speak of equality plus from a male POV of following the law of the sea, --- that women and children should be set above men, so to speak, first to the life boats, --- here on land as a part of man's duty to his family, --- but women do not seem to like that part.

None have changed my view of my duty but I am perplexed.

Any insight as to why women would refuse or dislike to be given that same privilege here?

Could that be why feminism is so slow to move men to even give  ordinary equality?

Chatter / Re: Gun Fails
« Last post by Mr. Blackwell on Today at 05:00:54 PM »
I have to disagree that sending your age 9 child alone to a playground is automatically neglect! And it does not merit being compared in any way to handing your child a loaded gun to fire.

I agree. I don't know what happened in this country between 1984 and 2014 but my mom would have been imprisoned if she raised me today like she did back then. There were no guns in the house and she didn't drink or do drugs or have strange men over all the time. However, I was a "latchkey kid" because I got home from school before she got home from work.

In the summer my cousin and I would walk all the way across town to go to the public pool...or we would walk to the movie theater or we would walk to the park. We would be gone sometimes from sunup to sundown. Alone. No adult supervision. I just had to let her know where I was going, who I was with. She decided what time I should be home.

Clearly, my mother was unfit to be a parent.
Why would I try to prove that anger is not real when there is evidence that what we describe as “anger” is indeed real.
You seem to disagree with Mrjason.

Actually, no, I don’t disagree with Mrjason.  He was responding to my post agreeing with me, and I agree with him.  You apparently, don’t comprehend what we are writing and thus don’t realize that Mrjason and I agree.

The quote I was responding to wasn't one of yours.

No Shit, REALLY?!?!?!  Oh wait, yeah I knew that.  Did you know that Mrjason was responding to one of mine, not one of yours?  Pretty mind blowing eh, that we can reply to what other people write?  That crazy internet stuff is just off the charts!

You make a good point by saying that "there is evidence that what we describe as “anger” is indeed real."
What I am asking for is what are those reason?

Here are some websites that you can investigate to learn about the research regarding emotions:

I’m not sure why you are asking about emotions in a thread regarding the probabilities of the existence of a god or gods, as that seems to be off topic.  Why not start a new thread in the Science sub-forum section?

Why do they apply to Anger and cannot apply to god.

I don’t see any reason why they cannot be applied to a god if that god is described as an abstract emotion.  Do you believe that your god is an abstract emotion?  Although I thought you believed that your god created the universe, which then would imply that you think an abstract emotion created the universe.

You understand that I am not saying that Anger is as real as God but that God is at least as real as Anger.

Okay, I understand that you think “that God is at least as real as Anger” but just because you think something doesn’t mean that it is true.  In order for “God” to be at least as real as anger, you or someone would have to demonstrate that “God” actually exists.

The difference being that Anger and God are not the same thing.

I know.  That is what I and others are trying to explain to you.

We just have enough evidence for their existence.

Which is not supported by any evidence.  In order to support your claim that you have evidence for the existence of your god, you have to you know, actually provide evidence for the existence of your god.

To resume : Could you present me 3 evidences of the existence of Anger?

I could, but I will not.  I gave you some links to some sites where you can research emotions such as anger and I’m sure there is a wealth of knowledge out there in the world regarding this subject.  What you believe regarding anger doesn’t really concern me.

I'm pretty sure that I would be able to present you 3 similar evidences of the existence of God.

Now, that I would be very interested in, hopefully it is better than what you’ve presented so far.

Oh and if you wish to know more about the existence of God outside our bodies should go to that thread :,26874.0.html


You mean the thread where you assert things without providing sufficient supporting evidence?  Yeah, the only thing I learned is that you like to play games and make empty baseless assertions.   I’m still waiting for you to start supporting your assertions with sufficient evidence, instead of doing that you decided to play more games.

EDIT:  This thread might be of interest to you -,27240.0.html
Chatter / Re: Step 1 of my nefarious plot
« Last post by Mr. Blackwell on Today at 04:11:02 PM »
Doesn't the DMV usually handle voter registration?

Where I live ... only if you are conducting other business like getting a new/replaced driver's license.

Hmm. I never went to the DMV for the sole purpose of registering to vote. Every time I go there and fill out the questionnaire, it asks if I want to register, if I want to be an organ donor, If I want to donate a dollar to the presidential campaign fund.

I googled where to register to vote in TN and found this

How to Register

Download and complete the Voter Registration Application and mail to your county election commission,


register in person at:

County Clerk’s Offices
County Election Commission Office
Public Libraries
Register of Deeds Offices
or during a transaction with one of the following:

Department of Health (WIC program)
Department of Human Services
Department of Mental Health
Department of Safety (motor vehicles division)
Department of Veteran’s Affairs

So...I decided to check Ohio

Submitting Your
Voter Registration Form
Returning your own form:
You may return your completed voter
registration form in person or by U.S. Mail to
any of the following public offices:
• Any county board of elections;
• The Ohio Secretary of State’s office;
• BMV or Deputy Registrars;
• Office of designated agencies, including:
» The Department of Job and Family

» The Department of Health (including
the Women, Infants and Children (WIC)
» The Department of Mental Health,
» The Department of Developmental
» The Rehabilitation Services Commission,
» Any state-assisted college or university
that provides assistance to disabled
• Any county treasurer’s office;
• Any public high school or vocational
school; or
• Any public library

Since the State House is not listed that might explain some of the confusion. 

Doesn't the DMV usually handle voter registration?
I suppose.. I live downtown Columbus, Ohio 2 blocks from the state house. I figured I shouldn't have to catch a bus 27 miles and walk 6 to the BMV or DMV.. ;)

Surely there is a library or high school near you?

This is getting boring, so I'll finish with this:
I have and had considered their emotional state. However, when put in a situation where they might (and most likely will) lose someone they love (assuming they love their son), people (using a broad definition of the term) won't do something that will, in all likelihood, kill whomever they're trying to protect within a day. They'll keep them safe. And how do you keep a hospital patient - who requires 24/7 care - safe? Keep him in the hospital and let him get the 24/7 care he needs. You know what my mom did the first two times I almost died? She took me to the hospital and kept me there. And she's severely overprotective; almost to the point of being neurotic. She's also catholic. What happened here was either a simultaneous, complete, and utter mental breakdown of two people, or they just didn't give a shit. Which do you suppose is more likely?
Religion & Society / Re: This Made Me a Bit Angry
« Last post by Boots on Today at 03:59:29 PM »
I read a couple weeks ago that they are trying to cater to the black vote ...

Well, that's the answer right there!!  Catering!!  they need to server more fried chicken and watermellon!!  [/sarcasm]
General Religious Discussion / Re: Someone...
« Last post by Boots on Today at 03:56:24 PM »
Okay then, I know its hard to speak for everyone in this forum that does not believe in God, but could you guys speak on behalf of them that for most, the biggest reason for not believing in a God is because of lack of evidence?

Because the world behaves exactly as one would expect if there were no gods.
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