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General Religious Discussion / Re: Satan has blinded all you atheist
« Last post by clip11 on Today at 08:31:37 AM »
"Nei, ég hef athygli --  Íkorna!"

I have no idea what that means
But that sounds like archaic language, so it must be true
Whatever it says, i'm buying it
Religion & Society / Re: A Generational Problem
« Last post by jetson on Today at 08:30:58 AM »
General Religious Discussion / Re: Satan has blinded all you atheist
« Last post by freakygin on Yesterday at 10:58:03 PM »
"Nei, ég hef athygli --  Íkorna!"

I have no idea what that means
But that sounds like archaic language, so it must be true
Whatever it says, i'm buying it
Chatter / Re: People lying about who they are online
« Last post by kaziglu bey on Yesterday at 10:53:25 PM »
I realize this situation has resolved, but I say going forward, listen to your gut. If your gut tells you something isn't right, it's because there is some sort of subconscious realization of fact that is often subtle but also often right. Know what is a red flag to you. Someone deliberately violating your boundaries and then joking about it is a HUGE red flag and I would definitely be showing that person the door, as you have. Intuition is good for this, and if you have evidence to back it up, then its game over for them. Having had some pretty bad relationships has taught me a lot about what I won't accept. It's good to know those limits for yourself.
General Religious Discussion / Re: Satan has blinded all you atheist
« Last post by Astreja on Yesterday at 10:50:37 PM »
Maybe Loki, the ancient Norse god of trickery is deceiving Christian's from believing in the one, true Almighty God, Odin.

No, my dear, sweet Uncle Loki has the attention span of, and I quote, "Nei, ég hef athygli --  Íkorna!"  No way he could keep up that ruse for all these centuries.   ;D

Although the "blinded" bit might explain why I can navigate so well in a pitch-black room...

Religion & Society / A Generational Problem
« Last post by kaziglu bey on Yesterday at 10:26:35 PM »
This isn't entirely a religious topic. I would say that it leans more towards the society end, but there is a definite and meaningful religious component as well.

Disclaimer: This might offend some people. I honestly don't care if it does, but that not my intent. Here is the article. I've long had similar thoughts.

It discusses the shortcomings of the Baby Boomer Generation. Now, I realize that this likely includes members of this forum. This is not meant as an attack against a specific person here. It is something I have observed through a lot of experience, with my parents, my in-laws, extended family on both sides, teachers, religious leaders, neighbors, local/state/national elected officials, customers and clients and patients.

It is sad to see how many members of this generation feel completely entitled to be abusive to people, particularly to those younger than them whom they naturally consider to be their inferiors, and feel even more entitled to not have to accept any kind of responsibility for it at all. They will fight tooth and nail to avoid having any sort of accountability for their horrible behavior, and yet chastise others who respond to them in kind. To them, respect means that they are to be treated as an authority, and its not something that they have to reciprocate, particularly not to those younger than them. Them respecting us means that they allow us to live as they want us to live and if we don’t they reject us.

I don't get why this generation has so much hatred for the children that they raised, and why they think the outcome has NOTHING to do with them. "I didn't raise my kid to be that way" then who the hell did?!?! They go to church in droves in order to convince themselves that they aren't really as awful as they actually are, and then as soon as they hit the parking lot they are swearing and honking and cutting each other off because they CANT EFFING WAIT to get the hell out of there. It's funny how the boomer generation loves to malign millennials, the generation of which I and many else reading this are members, and of course who are the children of the boomers, while forgetting that they are called the "Me Generation" due to their inexplicably over-developed sense of self-importance.

And of course Trump rallies are just FULL of white, Christian, middle class, self -infatuated boomers. Spent their whole lives electing politicians and supporting policies that gutted unions, perpetuated the UTTERLY DISASTROUS war on drugs (easily the most damaging US policy since the end of slavery), created and supported terrorists and dictators and drug cartels and killing fields, racking up tons of debt, both nationally and personally, sold an entire generation on the lie of college and put them into life-long debt, ruined the economy, ruined the environment, drove up the cost of education (and EVERYTHING ELSE) while keeping wages low or stagnant for younger folks while fattening their own pockets, retarded research into stem cells and cloning and genetics because it offends their imaginary worldview, continues to push for coal and oil and tries to kill renewable energy, pushed their horrible religion onto their children (fortunately we aren’t as dumb and credulous and slavish as them and are much less religious), and on top of it all, they somehow at once seem to gloat about this, and yet blame younger generations for the state things are in. They elected Nixon, Reagan, both Bushes, and Trump. I can’t imagine having that shit on my conscience. They really better hope that there isn’t a hell for them to go to. It’s just a shame that they have left one for their grandchildren. And they scoff at younger generations for trying to make a better world when they left us a worse one. Their cynicism combined with their arrogance and general disdain and lack of empathy for anyone they consider to be lesser than them really does start to paint a picture of serious psychiatric dysfunction. The problem is that so many are SO self-absorbed that they either aren’t capable of recognizing that there is anything at all wrong with their behavior (think Trump) or if they are capable of it, don’t give a damn because of their generally low level of empathy. Their awareness, both of themselves and of others, is so limited and selfish as to be almost imperceptible.

This is particularly inspired by my in-laws and parents, all of whom I love, but have very serious and significant and troubling and hurtful behavior/communication style, and a complete absence of responsibility for it. It is very difficult to at once love and rely on people, and want to cut them completely out of your life because they are such a toxic influence. It really makes me hate part of them.

I have encountered this same self-absorbed attitude in SO MANY customers/clients/patients that I have encountered with various employers. It’s sickening. They consider (younger) other people to be no more than objects or commodities to them, at best sentient servants and inferiors, and treat them accordingly. They think that there should exist people that work their ass off 40 hours a week and yet live in poverty. That they somehow deserve it because they don’t have an “important” job. It’s funny when I hear some spoiled entitled Me Generationer say that fast food jobs are just for high school kids to start out getting some experience while eating their Bacon Egg and Cheese Mcgriddle that they ordered at 9 am on a school day without any sense (OF COURSE) of just HOW FUCKING WRONG they are and how utterly wretched their existence makes other people’s lives and how much better off we would be is they stopped breathing and didn’t start again.

This is obviously coming from a place of legit anger and it’s something that is constantly frustrating for me, not just because I have to deal with it but because I see others have to deal with it too and as I get older and hopefully wiser I notice more and more that so much of the dysfunction I see in peers is due to the damage done by the Me Generation. I’ve seen it working in Children’s services, children’s mental health, and addiction counseling too. I had several wonderful young people whose lives were made miserable by the fact that their parents rejected them because they are homosexual, or because they were raped, or parents who deny that serious mental illness is a thing. These people need frontal lobe surgery with a rusty ice pick. I even had one seriously ID kid, minimally verbal, IQ 55, whose mom had sold him for sexual favors (at age 5) in exchange for crack money. When he and his several siblings were finally discovered by police and CPS, they were living in a home with no adults, no electricity, no heat, no water, no working toilets, no food (except the roaches and rats and bed bugs of course), no clean clothes, soiled linens, feces and urine everywhere, crack and crack pipes, used condoms and cigarette butts.  Man, that shit just about broke me. And I just found out about it 6 years after it all went down. But I saw the damage it did. Oh yes. This poor kid, unable to communicate his anger and hurt very successfully, would do so with violence. And when he was 11 he was as big as I was (except a lot less fat of course). This kid kicked a drinking fountain down the hall. DOWN. THE. HALL. Right off of the wall like a grape and down the hall. He smashed out a half inch thick or more window (I don’t know how to properly describe it but it was a freaking solid window) and turned his aunts oak kitchen table to matchsticks with his bare hands. He didn’t hurt himself doing any of this. But you can hardly blame him for being pissed. This is obviously a very extreme example, but when people make a conscience choice to harm other people, whether its physically, sexually, or emotionally, it, guess what, HARMS OTHER PEOPLE. So if you feel entitled to do that to other people, you DO NOT have the right and can expect to be challenged. The wellbeing of others is more important than your ego.

And of course they love their religion. Even the Catholics. Even when their church is exposed as being nothing more than a front for pedophiles and that cover up and scandal and abuse and neglect happened from the highest levels to the lowest and was a matter of OFFICIAL CHURCH POLICY. And it doesn't matter because they have faith and blah blah blah they can talk so much and yet say so little of significance. Their hope that they can somehow survive their own death (itself a huge indicator of self absorption) is more important than THOUSANDS of raped and tortured children and a systematic, decades (at least) long cover up. They see that and say "Meh, I'm still in". I submit that this is obscene but yet AGAIN, it is the sense of a lack of responsibility and accountability that they absolutely cherish.

It is honestly a disgusting shame that boomers, who are getting on towards retirement/nursing home status, will be fed and bathed and dressed and had their asses wiped by the same people whom they have spent their ENTIRE LIVES gleefully fucking over and maligning and the whole time they will feel ENTITLED to it. So many of them already benefit from longer and healthier lives due to the medical advances created through processes many boomers oppose for religious reasons, and because they have some underpaid and in debt forever from school millennial as their personal trainer who keeps them in shape, and they have lesser beings preparing them fancy health food for minimum wage, and they have lesser beings take care of their lawn and pool and snow plowing and housekeeping and childcare so they can go golf and socialize and spend their money on shit they don't need or on frequent vacations all while asking millennials why they can't do better when they have a full time professional job, part time job, work 60 hours a week, donate plasma, and still make a fraction of what the boomer does even while being way better parents than the me generation.

So in conclusion, again, this is not aimed at anyone here. In fact I'm not sure that I know of any boomers here who have been anything but sweet and generous. This is not all inclusive. But surely, you can think of the type of people I am describing here. And this shit needs to stop. It has already nearly ruined our country and damaged millions of people. These peeps need to grow out of themselves.
General Religious Discussion / Re: The impossible voyage of Noah's ark
« Last post by freakygin on Yesterday at 09:49:39 PM »
I often wondered that, too.  Not only who cleaned it up, but where did they put it?

Just toss is overboard.. Duh
As for noah's family, they just need to hang their butt outside the ark
Geez, how hard can it be?

And besides, i'm sure tons of animal dung was 100% environmental friendly
General Religious Discussion / Re: The impossible voyage of Noah's ark
« Last post by LoriPinkAngel on Yesterday at 09:19:56 PM »
I want to know who's job is way to clean up all the crap for all that time at sea?

I often wondered that, too.  Not only who cleaned it up, but where did they put it?
General Religious Discussion / Re: The impossible voyage of Noah's ark
« Last post by jynnan tonnix on Yesterday at 07:44:10 PM »
Aron Ra has a nice series of videos on how various things such as geology, archaeology, paleontology,etc, disprove the flood myth.

As to the Noah movie, I watched it a few months ago when it popped up on Netflix or Amazon Prime or something...I was curious as to whether it was as bad as people had said. And yeah, it pretty much was. I do adore Anthony Hopkins, though, and got a little bit of a kick out of his portrayal of Methuselah. Especially the first scene (I think he only showed up twice), I thought was kind of charming. Sue me LOL. Overall, I thought there were actually a few decent ideas in the setup of the story which got totally buried by about halfway through. And the end was horrible.
General Religious Discussion / Re: Satan has blinded all you atheist
« Last post by clip11 on Yesterday at 06:04:40 PM »
If my god-given free will is being hijacked by a malevolent supernatural entity (that is obviously more powerful than I am), it seems lazy and/or negligent in the extreme for a deity who created the universe & sacrificed itself to itself to take responsibility for my "sins" to not fight on my behalf.

Maybe Loki, the ancient Norse god of trickery is deceiving Christian's from believing in the one, true Almighty God, Odin.
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