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Sexuality, Reproduction, & Abortion / Re: Orlando Shooting
« Last post by Mr. Blackwell on Today at 09:03:06 PM »
I'd be happy with just one.

Just googled Major Les Hiddins and got a whole bunch of stuff of which I'm not sure will lead me to what you have seen. He thinks that some  some woman's story of survival is bogus...he wrote some I need to read a whole book to find out what you are talking about?
Sexuality, Reproduction, & Abortion / Re: Orlando Shooting
« Last post by jaimehlers on Today at 08:49:28 PM »
Expand your mind, all evidence is not notes scratched on paper. I hope for your sake you will one day have the opportunity to experience indigenous knowledge of reading the land with those that know how.
Nor did I ever claim that evidence was only notes scratched on papers.  But this indigenous knowledge you speak of must have been recorded in some form, because human memory is so unreliable.  That's what you need to produce at this point, instead of trying to reinforce your original assertion with additional assertions.

Quote from: eh!
Thankfully scientists are turning to these people and what's left of them to frantically record their knowledge.

Quote from: eh!
Incidentally the infantry and police have been utilizing indigenous science for hundreds of years to the present date.

Quote from: eh!
Observation is the only method available to many branches of science, I alreagy claimed that, you haven't refuted it.
Why would I even attempt to refute something self-evidently true?  But it isn't enough to just make an observation; you have to record it and transmit it for it to be meaningful.  I'm asking you to transmit those records to me, and you're refusing to.

I gave empirical observation as evidence, scientifically valid. Jamie wants notes on a bit of the bible.
You gave no evidence at all, eh.  You made an assertion, but provided nothing at all to support it except your dogmatic assurance that you have it right.  If that weren't bad enough, you subsequently spun right around and insinuated that I want something like the bible because I'm not willing to take your unsubstantiated word for it is both ironic and highly disturbing.  Especially given your subsequent statement to Mr. Blackwell.

You're the one who made the claim, eh, so you are the one who has to support it.

In regards to your later statements, I've noticed that the forum often refuses to post more than three or four links at a time.  You may have to limit yourself to a couple at a time.
Sexuality, Reproduction, & Abortion / Re: Orlando Shooting
« Last post by wright on Today at 08:46:04 PM »
^^^Fair enough, I've had my own problems with links on the forum. I'll take a look at your suggestions, though if we continue this, should probably start a separate thread on Science.
Sexuality, Reproduction, & Abortion / Re: Orlando Shooting
« Last post by eh! on Today at 08:36:48 PM »
Don't know why but links don't paste, some do most don't. I did a Google search and found some nice articles re Mr B query.

Google major les hiddens, two tours of Vietnam as a scout, army sent him to document indigenous megicine, navigation, water finding, food, survival.... ended up a popular television series when he left the army.

Long before all the modern copy cats.
It is always fun to see the "Sharia of the Cross" people get put in their place.
Sexuality, Reproduction, & Abortion / Re: Orlando Shooting
« Last post by wright on Today at 08:23:13 PM »
^^^Then why bother even bringing your opinion up, if you can't be bothered to validate it? Why so lazy, if you have information available that might change jaime's mind?
Sexuality, Reproduction, & Abortion / Re: Orlando Shooting
« Last post by eh! on Today at 08:18:15 PM »
Dismiss away, not my problem.
Sexuality, Reproduction, & Abortion / Re: Orlando Shooting
« Last post by wright on Today at 08:16:37 PM »
Try Google.

Why should Mr. B or anyone else do your work for you? Come on, eh: you've been a member of this forum long enough to know this.

You made a claim, back it up. Or don't be surprised to have it dismissed.
Sexuality, Reproduction, & Abortion / Re: Orlando Shooting
« Last post by eh! on Today at 08:16:08 PM »
No, you are trying too hard to limit what you read, refer bit about making predictions ie my own, farmer's, hunters, indigenous.... Observation, model, prediction, result.
The last Pride Parade I went to, and it was a few years ago, had a special tribute to elderly gays and lesbians, the people who, in the 50's 60's and 70's made their lives public and bore the brunt of discrimination and hatred. It was truly moving to see how revered these people were, how they were celebrated and lauded by the younger folks.

Because everyone knew that gay pride was not about the right to have sex with 10 strangers in a bar, as skeptic keeps insisting. You do not need a political or social movement to have sex with whoever, as a glance at most any culture in any historical period will reveal. And just for the record, gay people are not advocating en masse for the legalization of having sex with small children. (It was [probably] a lesbian who let the fight for the raising the age of consent in the US, remember?)

And that slur is such an insult to the many gay couples and individuals raising their own kids, being foster parents of kids (most often produced by neglectful straight people), caring for HIV-positive babies, running social services for abused kids, providing safe havens for homeless youth, etc. I know gay people personally who are better parents-- and better community members than most straight people.

The struggle was, and is, for equal treatment, for respect, for validation as human beings-- people who are parents, kids, brothers, sisters, neighbors, friends, co-workers. The 'skeptics' want to focus on the spectacle of men in pink hot pants, or women with crew cuts in work boots and lumberjack shirts, as if those superficial stereotypes are all gay people are about. It is as if anti-gay folks think real life is a pron video. Are all straight women busty schoolteachers waiting in the locker room to spank the football team with a ruler?  Are all straight men studly pizza delivery guys stumbling across bored and lonely housewives? If not, why think of all gay folks as some silly movie image from the 1980's? &)

Yeah, you can find wild behavior among some gays--just  like some straights.[1] People in their 20's and 30's of all orientations like to go to bars and party. But then everyone gets older and most want to settle down. The 'skeptics' want to ignore gay folks in their 60's, 70's and older, who are not out partying in bars, but who want to live out the remainder of their lives safe and secure with the person they love.
 1. Look at surveys of straight people that ask how many partners they have had. One partner every 6 months for ten years does not seem very promiscuous, but adds up to 20 people.....It is eye-opening, and sometimes jaw-dropping to a boring one-man woman like me.
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