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Evolution & Creationism / 9 millennia of selective breeding
« Last post by wright on Today at 08:17:27 PM »
Interesting comparison of some modern crops and their ancestral strains:

A good illustration of how rapidly selection pressures can change living organisms, directed, undirected or both simultaneously.
General Religious Discussion / Re: ground zero cross can stay
« Last post by Azdgari on Today at 07:24:27 PM »
Liberals tend to support equal legal rights and are anti-discrimination.

In America, conservative Christians have tried to curtail the legal rights of Muslims.

Liberals speak out against that.

Therefore, liberals must be anti-Christian and pro-Muslim.  Because it can't just be a matter of neutral principle... &)

I had a conservative Christian boss last year who, every night[1], would rant about his views to me.  According to him, all of North America's problems could be traced back to the Muslims and the Queers.  See, the Muslims want to rot out Western Christian civilization, so they use their vast oil wealth to fund pornography in the West.  This promotes homosexuality and liberalism in general, which undermines and weakens Western civilization, allowing the Muslims to take over.  He thought that liberals love Muslims, too, and figured they must be race/culture traitors for it.

The thing was, the examples he cited of left-wing figures in Canada advocating for Muslims, were examples of them advocating for victims of civil-rights abuses against Muslims.  Does this mean that these civil rights abuses were supposed to happen, according to conservatives?  Meh.  Probably.
 1. I was doing a geological assessment for him.  We stayed in his hunting cabin, at the site.
Perhaps they think the time of the salvation death cult has had its day, and we should move on to a religion that doesn't worship a man. Honestly, I think you Christians are blind to how absurd your religion is. One of your slogos is: "Christianity is the most beautiful religion", which just goes to show how blind you are. If you had any sense of perspective you'd know that a load of poetic contradictions, cobbled up by a bunch of men, who were busy killing each other for being heretics, could not possibly be true, no matter how beautiful it was.   :P   Now your other by-line is "and you will be hated by all for my name’s sake. But the one who endures to the end will be saved.", which values people just being a pain in the ass, rather than being correct about anything. We've had many "Christians" come here, just to be a pain in the ass, rather than to show what Christianity could be. As far as they are concerned, just being a pain, proves that they are real Christians. Yet, a real Christian wouldn't be a pain in the ass. This is part of the bucket load of contradictions that we have had to put up with for the last 2000 years, and it's time we moved to a newer religion, with less contradictions, less man worship, and a better vision of heaven.

Islam actually specifies that in the lower levels of heaven, we will get lots of food and sex. Christianity only says we will get loads of mansions, but I ask you, what good are they, in a climate controlled area, with no biting insects? I'd far rather have food, so I wouldn't die. You know why the Christian fathers couldn't come up with a better vision of what was in heaven? Sure, they could come up with better lies, but they didn't. Why not? I think they were too busy killing each other, to even be able to come up with ideas.  Or, they instinctively knew how pointless it was, to come up with ideas about the afterlife, because they knew that they were obsessed with their current life, and controlling others, so they actually had no vision for any other life, besides more of the same slavery to God. I think Islam releases us from that.
Quote from: nogodsforme
And I find that Christian students want to spend more time on the origins of Christianity, Jesus, Moses, the bible, when it is not a religion class.

Is it that or just actual boredom? I mean, a student is say in Lit class, is it all of Lit they want to hear about or is it just particular Lit they want to hear about?

They have interest in the Christianity part because they are Christians but say a band geek is at a football game to see the band play, they're not really into the football game, are they?

Since I teach courses on the Middle East, I have actually had people accuse me of being biased in favor of Islam and against Christianity. so, I would probably be called one of those liberals who love Islam--when I don't love it any more than any other religion.  :P.

It appears that if you say anything at all positive about Islam, even if you have the facts to back it up, you are anti-Christian. I tell students about the advances in science and human rights-- and about the repression of non-Muslims and the violence of the early Arab empires. Am I anti-Arab? We learn about the impact of the Crusades, and about how the Mongols were far worse. Am I anti-Mongol?

If you look at my courses, I already spend a disproportionate amount of time on Christianity to cater to the Christian students, considering there is not a whole lot of Christian influence in the present day Middle East. I spend very little time on Judaism  other than the founding of Israel, since there are very few Jewish students. I should probably make them all learn more about Judaism. Sigh.

Students want and need to know what is going on there today, and knowing about Islam is far more important than Christianity right now. The US students get plenty of negative anti-Muslim propaganda[1], and know nothing about Islam, really. They think that Indian Sikhs with beards and turbans are Muslims from the Middle East.  &)

And I find that Christian students want to spend more time on the origins of Christianity, Jesus, Moses, the bible, when it is not a religion class. Most of that is not very relevant to topics like the fighting between different Muslim sects, the roots of terrorism, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the politics of petroleum, dictatorship and theocracy, women's rights, the colonial role of Europe and the US in the region, etc.

But bias is in the eye of the beholder. If I spent one third of the class on Islam, one third on Christianity and one third on Judaism, the Christians would say I am biased.
 1. many times students have said that anyone with a turban should be searched at airports, and women should not be allowed to wear hijabs in the US-- so much for religious freedom...
Why the bias towards Islam?

   I disagree with the idea of a bias toward Islam.  If anything, right now Islam seems to me generally more dangerous worldwide than Christianity, not saying some practitioners of Christianity aren't scary - WestBoro Baptists come to mind.   Although Skep, here is a thought you may be referring to - if I lived in, say Alabama, and had to choose, I would rather be a Christian parent sending my little girl off to school than a Muslim parent sending my little girl off to school in her burka.  I could see some muslims being quite scared in some areas. 

But hey, did the Klu Klux Klan say a little prayer for the peace of jesus before a lynching? Can't really see a lot of difference between the two religions historically, whether looking at the facts as a conservative or a liberal.
MailBag / Re: your attempt to eliminate God [#2820]
« Last post by hickdive on Today at 06:15:58 PM »
Well, the bible would say that, wouldn't it.
Chatter / Re: Rate the Last Film You Saw
« Last post by Nam on Today at 06:15:22 PM »
These are all the movies I watched today, all from the 1930s, and about 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes:

Parachute Jumper (1933) -- 6/10.
Penrod and Sam (1931) -- 6/10.
The Mind Reader (1933) -- 6/10.
The Office Wife (1930) -- 5/10.
The Hatchet Man (1932) -- 6/10.
Heroes for Sale (1933) -- 7/10.
Loose Ankles (1930) -- 5/10.
Midnight Mary (1933) -- 7/10.
Red Morning (1934) -- 5/10.

Note: There are only 3 movies linked because that's when I figured out why I kept getting the "Forbidden" message. I figured it out on the last linked one: it only allowed me to link three of them. It had nothing to do with any words used, ironically.

If Atheists want to disprove the Christian Worldview, disprove Free Will.

Easy. Sexuality, for example homosexuality.

Beyond that, the choices you make are almost never equal, because of intelligence, culture, personality etc. eg, belief, atheism.
General Religious Discussion / Re: Jesus Never Existed
« Last post by relativetruth on Today at 06:04:41 PM »

You know, I often wonder why atheists spend so much time trying to prove jesus didn't exist.

How come they don't spend time time trying to prove Mohammad didn't exist?
or spend time proving Buddha didn't exist?
or spend time proving Hercules didn't exist?

Why is it nothing but "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus?"

There is plenty of evidence that Mohammad did indeed exist but there is zero evidence that he had dialogue with his god Allah. BTW Islam believes that Jesus existed but that he was just a prophet and not a god.

Buddhism is a non-theistic religion. I think it is quite likely that Siddhartha Gautama (the original Buddha, the enlightened one) did exist but, maybe, many of the teachings attributed to him may have been written by others. Anyway the Buddha is not a god so atheists need not bother with him.

If somebody comes onto this site professing Hercules was their god we would also ask them to provide evidence.
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