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You're not providing a reason to not engage, other than JST not possess the capacity to understand.  IE Due to intelligence, education, sanity etc.

And another complaint is that he still can't leave out that last part, "sanity".  And yes, I consider this an insult.  So is the intelligence part but not so much as the sanity part.  I mean if you really think I'm crazy then what does that say about someone that would argue with a crazy person?

Again, other people here are suggesting to me that I should not engage you because you are either too stupid or insane to know any better.  I give you the benefit of the doubt and treat you the same regardless.

I do ask you how you separate your claims from a person who is mentally ill, a different religious person, or random make believe because you never describe or argue for your claims in a manner that allows other people to differentiate.  You rely upon fallacies, misinformation, and incessantly conclude upon what you want to believe rather than what you can demonstrate.

Why would you expect to be treated any differently?
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