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I guess I could be mocking him or insulting him, but I have not and will not.

I guess this is a matter of opinion.  I would say comparing me to the mentally ill is insulting.

If you continue to deliver claims that make it impossible to determine the truth of your claim from someone who is mentally ill, a person of a different religious persuasian, or random make believe I will continue to ask.  That is not calling you mentally ill or comparing you to being mentally ill, you are being asked a sincere question.

Let's say I have 3 choices:
A. Scientologist.
B. Mental Patient. ( severe psychosis )
C. Another christian for which you disagree with.

You, and them, make claims in a similar manner.  How do I determine the truth of a claim between them, if they all make the same kind of specious arguments?

Not liking the question, doesn't make the problem go away.  The problem are your claims and the veracity by which you make them, ie you don't deliver sound arguments and run away the instant you're required to participate long enough to begin arguing for them.
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