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I split athiests into two groups:  1) Those who are willing to accept a supreme maker, creator, judge but have seen no evidence... but are open to evidence they deem authentic. 2) There is 100% absolutely, positootly no god no matter what evidence is thrown their way.
Those who fall into the #1 category, I suspect just might be, maybe, just maybe forgiven and offered salvation (I think the door is open on this one).  Those who fall into #2, well I can't imagine any salvation.

Just found this.

I am neither category.

Category 1: A 'supreme being', 'god', and/or 'creator' has no coherent relative meaning to existent objective things.  I cannot comment on the possibility of such a meaningless label.

Category 2: No two god claims are the same, the god label is purely subjective and where one context for a god claim entirely disproves that god claim may not be appropriate for another god claim.

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