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but simply to point out what tends to go on here.

Please cite a post where you've quoted anything or anyone, through example of what you claim about the community.

By the way let's not forget that just because someone is outnumbered, that it means they're wrong.

Who is arguing this?

And let's not disregard the fact that some people have decided to not come here much these days for the very reasons I've talked about. And guess what, they got a battering for expressing their views.

And when asked to give an example of what they are complaining about, they refuse; why is that?

So when someone tells me that the fact that I'm outnumbered is a sign that I'm in the wrong

Where has anyone made this argument?

I've been treated appallingly here

You've been 'smited' for not answering questions and making claims without evidence.  You were given every opportunity to answer those questions and provide that evidence.  No one has insulted you without you insulting them.
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