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Omen:  This is exactly why I wasn't interested in bringing this topic back up.  You aren't interested in listening; I tried to explain where I was coming from in the first place, why I acted the way I did and why doing so was mistaken, and all you did was try to prove that you didn't do anything wrong, that it was only mean ol' Jaime who was at fault, etc, etc.

So I'm done here.  There's only so much of this kind of thing I'm willing to take from anyone, especially when they've been dishing it out from the start.  This thread is where it belongs, and I'm more than happy to leave you to it.

And I quote:

Actually, forcing you to engage openly helps hold you accountable to a community of your peers.  Not doing so places no social burden upon you to behave at least marginally within the bounds of reason, which your first post wasn't worth consideration and was you regurgitating the same idiotic pleading dismissals you offered to everyone else here.  I'd rather have you treat me like shit openly, rather then insulting me privately with such irrational bullshit.

Jaime, you don't possess the moral high ground because I called you a coward for not addressing me publicly.  That is also not an ad hominem, I'm not tying your behavior as a coward to your ability to argue for a point.  I'm just insulting you because you deserve it, for being a chicken shit mealy mouthed coward.  See, not a single fuck was given. I will post the PMs as soon as I am able to access them.

See Jaime, I don't care.
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