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My response:

I'm answering here rather than in the thread, because it's moved on.

Because you're a coward.

So random expertise is only of any consequence when you need to dismiss someone else out of hand?

How does that answer my question?
You're the one pulling out psychological terminology in order to justify your subjective opinion.


Mental disorders have well defined parameters involving the study of behavior, the ability for those models to make predictions correctly, and are no more nebulous or subject than talking about any other field of science.  I am not using anything to justify subjective opinions, I'm describing actions in comparison to a type of behavior associated with a mental disorder.  You refuse to engage in any discussion where we would do this, dismissing it out of hand and making pleading excuses as to why you can't handle it.

Try presenting your argument in such a way that you aren't relying on your preconceptions in this matter to support your conclusion.

Strawman, I've never done this.

Try presenting a rebuttal that actually addresses the statements made.

No, you don't like their description of her behavior, your rejection was done out of incredulity and nothing else.  I went back and passed over the various discussion points and the manner in which you describe responses from screwtape and velkyn don't match up with what they actually stated.

Oh?  So why didn't you pull out the discrepancies in order to prove me wrong, then?

You first, you're the one making dismissive assertions about someone elses post.  Suddenly.. I bear responsibiliy for what you couldn't even be bothered to do?

At this point I have absolutely no respect for you because of this PM, of all the chicken shit mealy mouth responses someone can give.
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