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Then how in the hell do you think your concept of "God" makes himself known for the first time to those who had never heard of him before, and thus would have no "will" one way or the other to see or not see him?
God was known by Adam and Eve. He can present himself to those who don't know him. HE WON'T FORCE THEM TO ACCEPT HIM/SEE HIM, they can accept or refuse him. God is still waiting for you to accept him.

More preaching with no substance.  And so you present another logical fallacy - attempting to equate seeing with "accepting" (as if to say that anyone who sees will accept). But this is 100% false (as has been already shown by the words of your own bible). Lots of people and angels allegedly saw this alleged "Yahweh" and did not accept. So you are just wrong here. Plain and simple. Again, freewill has absolutely nothing to do with the matter. Just because someone sees something, or someone, does not in any way violate their freewill - nor does it mean the person must accept or 'follow' such a person or thing.

Sorry, demonstrating is not forcing. Those are two entirely different things and you are fallaciously attempting to conflate them (Fallacy of Equivocation).
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