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The idea that the all-powerful, all-good, god Yahweh (the alleged deity of the bible) is morally perfect (and all loving) cannot be rationally defended while still maintaining that Satan is roaming the earth like a lion "seeking whom he may devour". This God allegedly created hell (a place for Satan) but then allows Satan and his minions out of hell to torment his alleged children. Such actions are neither moral nor loving.

If I discovered creatures, persons, or animals that were harming or tormenting my children I would get rid of them. That is in my character. My moral compass (and likely all of yours) is far superior to this deity Yahweh b/c I would not stand back and allow someone, or some-thing, to harm my children, nor would you, (especially when I know I have the power to step in immediately). Thus, I propose there are only two possibilities:

1) The god Yahweh is not all-loving/all-moral


2) The god Yahweh does not exist

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