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I've met him personally, I actually bumped into him (literally) at the fish market in Seattle, really nice guy.

What's interesting though is that MM wants us to compare Bill Gates to his 'God', and believe that b/c Bill Gates could do more (in a strictly logical sense) that he would not do more if he had unlimited resources (So God is a lazy dick like him then?). Of course, this claim is nonsense. Whether or not Bill Gates could do more right now has no bearing on what we would do if he was unlimited. In fact, the evidence goes the other way. There is good reason for thinking that those who currently do a lot to help the starving and needy would do even more if they had vastly greater resources, and especially unlimited ones.

What MM is admitting is that he does not love his neighbor as himself (unlike this alleged God). For those of us who do care about our neighbor's well being, we are actually better than this invisible sky-daddy who does nothing but watch with indifference.
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