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How could you possibly conclude that it is irrelevant? You could say that it might be irrelevant but not that it is.

I mention suffering or tragedy and a popular answer is along the lines of "this life doesn't matter," or something like it.  They talk about how it's the next life that matters.  This one is just a temporary stop.  Then they turn around and talk about the sacredness of life.  I really don't get you guys.

Maybe that's just a completely different context than this question.  But it seems to follow the general discordance of xian ideas.  I don't see how what happens here in 70 years (give or take) is relevant compared to an infinite period of time.

This made me think of something significant. How about eternal meaning without a God? When I read David Hume, Carl Sagan, Christopher Hitchens, and many other now deceased authors (or when I watch them on YouTube) their messages have meaning in my life. They affect, help, and benefit me - just as they benefit many others (and likely will continue for the unforeseeable future). What is enough when it comes to what is meaningful? Must their be "cosmic" meaning in order for meaning/deep meaning to exist?

Shelly Kagan debated Bill Craig back in '09 and had some poignant things to say about it:

We might also ask: What is the meaning...of meaning?
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