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What this really all boils down to is the credulous Christian (religious) mind-set of "we just have to know right now!" So, if scientists don't know something (or wherever there are gaps in human knowledge) they just fill it with their deity God thing instead of admitting ignorance until sufficient evidence comes in. And they do this because they have assumed (via hearsay) their bible is 'the Word of God'. It's really no different from what other religions do.

The Argument from Incredulity Fallacy is still irrational Christians.

it is not based on us "having to know right now!" It is based on us understanding that science changes like the weather and God never changes.

One time, it was a FACT the earth was flat.
Now it's a FACT the earth is round.

It used to be spontaneous generation was a FACT.
Now, it's not a fact.

It used to be a FACT that diseases were cause by bad air.
Now it's a FACT it's germs.

Take a look here:

You can not find truth in something when the truth changes every day. Heck, maybe tomorrow evolution will be false and everyone will say "We got that wrong but trust us on the next theory!"

FACTS can not be FACTS if they are constantly changing. TRUTH doesn't change. TRUTH is TRUTH.

I've even heard that the Big Bang theory might be obsolete soon despite the so called mountains of evidence it had to support it.

If you guys can't agree on what a fact is, you can't expect anyone else to just blindly follow the world of scientists.

There are so many fallacies in your way of thinking; it's insane.

1. You do not "have the understanding...that God never changes". You ASSUME! You've assumed your theology in advance (b/c you assumed the bible as "the Word of God") instead of admitting when you are ignorant. Do you know what that is called? CREDULITY

2. Your attempt to shame science for being science is based upon your flawed black/white thinking that science makes statements which are absolute truth. WRONG! Science does not claim absolute certainty on any proposition. This is why we have scientific theories (which are the HIGHEST POINT of science). "Absolute truth" (whatever that means) is not known or asserted in science. So that is a red-herring. If you would only stop your gullibility and go do some homework you might start to understand this. Take some college courses in biology, geology, chemistry, etc. The things you are spewing here are based your own ignorance, and they are not new.

3. You have a delusion about what "facts" are - as if somehow we can't live our lives if our knowledge about the external world is not perfect. Welcome to earth and being a human-being! Our knowledge about the external world is changing as we learn more. This is why advancements in technology, medical science, and computers are always evolving (and improving!). Your expectation of 'absolute knowledge' is based in the faulty sermon you heard in church (and bought hook, line, and sinker). What you are displaying is intellectual laziness and gullibility - not knowledge.

4. No one here (or in the scientific community) is asking you to blindly follow anything. What's so ironic about your statement though is that the religion and theology you put your "faith" in is doing just that - praying upon your willingness to "just have faith" (aka - blindly follow no matter what - regardless of how irrational it is). Just listen to yourself - thinking it's OK for some deity to own you, slaughter children, rip fetuses from the womb, own other humans as property (slavery), torture his "loved" creation in fire forever, and violate his own rules/laws. You sound just like Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, seriously. When you attempt to rationalize and justify the monstrous passages in that book you make yourself no different from any other gullible religious Muslim fool. 

Study history a little more. You will find that religious people just as devout as you have used the same rationalizations and spin to justify believing in all sorts of killing. Do you know who the people were who thought the earth was flat, lightening and thunder came from Zeus, decease came from demons, woman were man's property, and African people were inferior savages? RELIGIOUS PEOPLE! Just like you. So don't shoot down science b/c of your gullibility and emotional attachment to your theology. Thousands of Christians accept evolution, as well as science. The use of logic, reason, and evidence is the single most reliable method we have for separating fact from fiction. It is what has brought you the very computer you are using right now. Just stop the nonsense and go study.
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