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My belief in a Creator is not limited to explaining where Love comes from.  Matter of fact that has very little to do with why I believe in God.  First of all I find it hard to comprehend the amount of luck it would take for our planet to end up with so many forms of complex life from an explosion.  Explosions are messy business.  There is also the lack of other planets like ours.  If it was that easy there should be planets like ours all over.

2nd if humans came from water not dirt then we should be natural swimmers.  Most of us have to "learn" to swim and our bodies have more elements of dirt than water, could be wrong here, I'm sure you'll let me know. :).  There is also the fact that not all creatures evolved into the same thing.  Why remain a fly when you could've evolved into a human or lion, etc.  We have flies because we need flies.  We need all our different life forms.  We all have a "purpose".

Then there is my spirit.  I feel my spirit and it feels eternal unlike this flesh I wear.  It's the "real" me. 

These are my main points of belief in a Creator.  I very well believe that there was an Intelligence involved in our making.  No magic necessary, intelligence yes.  Love yes.  I believe Love and hate comes from us.  We are capable of both because we have freewill.  We are not forced to love it is a choice.

You do realize that this "reasoning" you have attempted to provide is logically fallacious (filled with fallacies), don't you?

1. First you say, "I find it hard to comprehend the amount of luck..." STOP! You've just presented the Argument from Ignorance/Incredulity fallacy. So there's STRIKE ONE. Please don't use that argument again. It fails miserably. Just because you personally find it "hard to comprehend" something doesn't in any way effect whether or not it is true.

2. You say we should be good swimmers because humans came from water, not dirt? Did you really just make this argument? I can hardly believe my ears. This argument speaks loudly and clearly to the fact that you are ignorant as to what evolution teaches, aren't you? Have you taken any evolutionary biology courses (such as Biological Anthropology)?? This argument is just simply 100% wrong. Human beings did not evolve in water. We have a common ancestor with creatures that did but those things are entirely separate. We have an ape-like common ancestor, which we share with chimpanzees, and those animals have common ancestors with other creatures prior to them. You should really go take a basic college course and learn. Btw, this is also another Argument from Ignorance/Incredulity fallacy - STRIKE TWO.

3. Your argument from teleology (purpose) - pointing to flies (really?) - is another argument based in your basic ignorance of science, and specifically evolutionary biology. Do you understand the mechanism of evolution? Heck, do you even have a basic understanding of what evolution teaches, how it works, and what it's evidence is? Your argument that "We all have a purpose" is misleading. Didn't you mean to argue that you think we all have a "purpose" which came from the god you think created us? This is called the Teleological Argument for God and it is logically flawed as well, but let's set this aside b/c it's a long debate.

4. The argument from "feeling your spirit" (the logical fallacy of Appeal to Emotion) is beyond absurd. "I can feel it in my balls that we have no spirit!" How's that for an argument? Does it convince you? Feelings, emotions, and psychological leanings (like the one you are promoting based in your youth, culture, and influenced upbringing) need to be put in check by reason and evidence b/c feelings are often wrong. This is how con-artist fast talking salesmen get people to buy crummy products so they can take your money and run. Ever hear of Derren Brown (the illusionist)? Look him up on YouTube. People convince themselves of wrong beliefs all the time. What you keep coming back to is a reliance upon subjective, solely personal, emotion/experience for fact finding - and that is a very bad and unreliable method for separating fact from fiction. This is why we have demonstrable science, which trumps your personal feelings (sorry to break the news) - STRIKE THREE! 

So the reasons you have provided for believing in a "creator" deity are logically fallacious (i.e. - invalid aka - BAD reasons). As such, it is in your best interest to stop using these arguments, get honest, and get educated.
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