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You don't have a clue because your arrogance closes your mind. 

It's funny how you mistake my intelligence for arrogance and closed mindedness but it isn't surprising why you've made that mistake (and once again - red herring/off topic). Btw, rejecting irrational arguments is neither arrogant nor closed-minded, sorry.

You do not understand me so your responses to me seem out of place to me and hard to understand.

Your failure to properly communicate your position isn't any indication of the validity or soundness of my rebuttals to your arguments.

No I see nothing up there about my feelings, you could have at least put a couple in bold, I see someone trying to educate herself.  You didn't ask for a rational argument you asked if I had done any disinterested study and I gave you my answer.  You sir make absolutely no sense what so ever. 

This seems to be so typical of your approach - making claims without backing them up. See, you haven't shown that my responses to you make no sense. You just keep chanting it like a mantra. It's really unimpressive and childish. I've asked twice now for you to provide the "disinterested research" you claim to have done (aka - the arguments/evidence that you have which lead you to conclude there's some deity) and you keep coming back with 1) no evidence, and 2) (to others) logical fallacies (such as Arguments from Ignorance/Incredulity and the fallacy of Shifting the Burden of Proof). One would think that if you actually had some really good evidence (that you found in a disinterested fashion) you would readily share it. I suspect though that you do not. Please prove me wrong by presenting the research/evidence which you claim to have and/or have done.

That's like telling a former Christian they never truly believed.  I have no respect for double standards sir.  Did you get that argument from Christian friends? :o

This statement demonstrates the fallacy of a Strawman Argument. I did not (in any way) claim that you were never an atheist. Further, this analogy fails (False Analogy) because it does not properly map to my statement you placed in bold. Just b/c you claim to have been an atheist (someone who lacks belief in a god) doesn't tell us anything about your reasoning process or whether or not you were actually someone who practiced critical thinking (avoiding logical fallacies in your beliefs, etc) and if your past posts are any indication then I have significant reason to question such ideas. Furthermore, whether or not you were 'an atheist' for some years has nothing to do with this subject. So that is another fallacy (Red Herring). What is relevant is whether or not your claims to having done "disinterested" study regarding a god/deity are valid, sound, and demonstrable (and saying, "You can't prove he doesn't exist!) is not sound. It is fallacious (see Shifting the Burden of Proof above). So you've made at least 4 logically fallacious arguments here all within the last two posts, and myself and others are attempting to point them out. It is not surprising though why you seem to be combating our rebuttals. You have a lot to lose ("hope" as you call it) and thus it seems you have a vested interest in pushing aside any correction to your arguments. Is this what you call "disinterested"?
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